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Snow on a cloudy day

Although I was disappointed that I couldn’t get Mi Cha’s new eyes before I left home, I still thought that I should photograph her at least once since I did drag her with me… the Mako eyes were really awful on a cloudy day when the snow was falling, though. They didn’t catch light at all and were pitch black in all the photos. x__x That combined with the small irises is a bit no-no… I tried putting a small sideglance for her but that didn’t help much. I don’t like any of the close ups because of that… but I felt it necessary to add a few in order to keep the photoshoot’s flow steady. I really need to take her out again now that she has the better eyes, ughh…

But yeah, as I’m sure you realise, this is one of the photoshoots taken at my parents’. Taken on the 28th of December. Editing these photos was also a pain but I’m too fed up with them to fix them further, so… whatever, lol. xD;;

The falling snow doesn’t show too well in these small photos… but I swear there was quite a lot of it, lol! xD The last photo is my favourite and its editing is also the best ’cause I did that one first, haha.

Now one more neemo shoot to re-size and edit and I’ll be done with the backlog shoots. @.@


    • mizya

      Thank you~ ♥

      I love photographing outside in winter because the scenery is really beautiful. :3 And it highlights the dolls well when everything is white around them… well, as long as they’re wearing something colourful. xD The only downside is that I get cold myself… but if I can get beautiful photos as a result, it doesn’t feel too bad (afterwards, when I’m back indoors and warm again) lol!

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