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Small update on Yun Hee

It’s been a while since she arrived and she’s slowly coming together. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I didn’t feel very inspired to do much with her ’cause she didn’t have her own wig for a while — not to mention thanks to Easter I was over a week away from home anyway, so I couldn’t do anything with my dolls — and I’m not terribly happy with her face up… but the weather isn’t being very cooperative, either it’s too windy or too humid so I haven’t been able to re-do it. Well, perhaps in May we’ll get some warmer sunny days and less wind… I hope.

Well, anyway, here’s a teaser photo that I took of her earlier. She was borrowing Ume’s temporary wig:

The colour was too light, though, so I darkened it in Photoshop. Short hair suits her, but it makes her look too cutesy to my taste.

I had to re-string her pretty soon after she’d arrived, as the default string that she came with were horribly loose. I had some nice string with a good thickness & tension, but unfortunately I cut the piece too short for her legs, and I didn’t have any more of it… so I had to settle with a not-as-nice string. (ーー;) She was still a bit floppy so that I didn’t dare to leave her standing by herself, but I was confident that sueding her with pliver would fix that.

Last Friday I got her own wig, which made me more excited about her, so today I then got around sueding her. And now she stands like a rock, yay! Pliver sueding is awesome~ I just hate cutting & glueing the pieces, haha… but in the end it’s always worth it. ♥ I should re-suede all my minis, too… gahh. (´Д` ) Maybe next weekend. I’ve had enough of cutting pieces for this weekend, lol! (;´∀`) But yeah, now I can make full use of her joints, since she’s more stable~ ♥

I also made her stockings, ’cause I’d brought a bunch of my old pantyhoses from my parents’… they’ve gotten either too small or torn, so I’m not able to use them myself anymore… but they have some really nice prints, so it would’ve been a waste to throw them away. So, I decided to use them for making socks for my dolls. ( ^ω^)It’s impossible to find this type of fabric at the fabric store, anyway… and I think it’s also economical to re-use old stuff. But no worries, I won’t use my old clothes for sales clothing! Just for my own dolls. All sales clothing & commissions are made from brand new fabrics, I assure you.(⌒▽⌒)

But yeah, here are a couple more photos with her own wig:

Took this on Friday when she got her wig.
And this one is from today, showcasing the stockings that I made – as well as her posing~ ♥

Now she just needs a better face up, the perfect eyes and clothes~ And shoes, because she doesn’t have nearly enough yet, lol!( ´∀`)I also need to buy her another pair of black pumps, these are too wide and somehow small… they keep falling off her feet. (; ´Д`) Such a strange size, the other shoes that I’ve bought for her all fit perfectly. ヽ(・_・;)ノ I also remembered this black shirt dress that I’d made for the SID Aurora that I had for like… two weeks in 2013? Lol, me and Iple dolls don’t get along. But anyway, it’s a decent fit, although I need to take it in a bit at the bust and waist. The interesting thing is that I have to keep it off shoulder on Yun, ’cause otherwise the sleeves are too short. Iple dolls have short arms. (。ヘ°)

Slowly but surely, my model girl is starting to look like herself~ ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


  • Irene

    she’s sooooo pretty x3 x3 ~ I love her face-up and the bob wig is my favorite on her I think! :3
    Those tights are also super amazing x3 isn’t it hard to sew stretchy fabrics like that?

    • mizya

      Thank you! ^^ The bob was only temporary though, it’s not her style at all.

      Well, it was a bit since the fabric wanted to roll itself, so I had to sew little by little… but thankfully with socks it doesn’t matter even if the seams go a little wonkly, since they stretch anyway, so it’s hard to see when the socks are in use, haha. xD

  • Valneanne

    Oh she’s beautiful! And she’s really starting to look a lot like “herself” indeed! I’ve got a weak spot for bobs so I love than on her, but her proper wig is gorgeous as well though!

    And I love those tights! As for re-using fabrics: I see no reason why not, especially if it’s for your own dolls, because you’re right, a lot of, er, “human sized” clothing have fabrics you’d have a hard time finding at the local fabric store. So yeah, might as well get some use out of stockings, tights etc. with holes in them.

    • mizya

      Thank you~ ^^ I like bobs, too, but not on Yun. xD Mi Cha is my bob cut girl, haha.

      Yeah, exactly. :3 But I think for sales clothing it’s better not to do that. Even after the clothes have been washed, it might still feel weird for other people to know that they’ve been made from someone’s old clothes. xD Occasionally I buy brand new socks or tights from stores and use those for making doll socks, though… but yeah, my old stuff is for my own dolls only, haha.

  • Rose

    Hello! Do you have any tutorials on BJD photography? Your pictures always come out so amazing I’m impressed!

    • mizya

      Hi! Thank ou for the compliment~ ^^ Unfortunately I don’t have any tutorials on photography because I wouldn’t really know where to start with making tutorials… and I’m sure that from a professional point of view, my way of doing photography is nowhere near perfection, haha. XD But I just do my own thing and keep taking photos.

      I’ve been doing BJD photography for around 10 years now, so I’ve had a lot of practise. :3 My first photos are quite awful in comparison to the latest ones, ahah… perhaps at some point I should make some sort of a timeline showing the improvement in my photography over the years. Perhaps that would give some tips… I’ll have to consider it!

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