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I got Mi Cha’s body home finally on the 5th, and I’ve been getting to know her better… she seems somehow more “complete” now that she has the right body. x3 The Minisup body was a dream of mine for several years, and it most certainly didn’t disappoint~ Especially now that I sueded it, it poses so nicely. ♥ I love, love, love torso joints at the waist, she poses so naturally~ ♥ The body is really pretty, too. :3

My only complaints are that it’s a bit taller than I expected, especially when I put Narae high heel feet on her so that she can wear shoes, she’s… taller than Yun. xD And Yun is supposed to be 174cm tall while Mi Cha is 170cm. Well, with her original feet and no shoes, she and Yun have an accurate height difference… I need to trick in photos a bit, haha. And one other thing that I don’t like too much are her hands. The fingers are kinda thick & clumsy and the positioning is… very limited. Because both of her hands have pointing index fingers and I’m not a fan of those… they’re not exactly expressive. At least I can’t come up with any other use for pointing index fingers than… well, pointing. xD But I asked Supia if they’d make extra hand parts for Minisups and they kinda promised that there’d be new hand parts this year, so hopefully they’ll make a pair that’s more relaxed/neutral. Open palms, you know.

But yeah, here are some random shots from the 6th:


And both girls together:

I love them both and their relationship. ;^; ♥ They started as co-workers, then became friends and now they’re as close as sisters. :3 Mi Cha completely adores Yun Hee, she admires her a lot and wants to be as confident as her. Yun in turn is very protective of Mi Cha and watches out for her (she can be a bit naive). They spend time together whenever they can and have a lot of fun talking about fashion, bunnies and all kinds of girly things… they also talk about guys, although Mi Cha isn’t as keen on that subject as Yun. x’D She gets all flustered even at the mention of sex, haha…

I made them wear matching sweaters just for fun. xD Both of them like pink, actually, but I’ve been too lazy to sew another pink sweater. Well, maybe one of these days. Yun definitely needs more pink clothes ’cause it’s her favourite colour, even her wedding dress will be light pink, haha~ :’3 Mi Cha’s favourite colour is ivory, but she also likes to wear pink. /end of random trivia


  • Fyrd

    Loving the pictures. Especially how their lwgs look like in the side shots. Glad you got the body home, I’ve heard much good about Supia bodies.

    • mizya

      I love these photos, too, because it’s fun how — while they’re wearing the same kind of sweater and are in the same setting — Mi Cha is all sweet and cute and then Yun Hee shows a bit of shoulder and bam – sexy! xD She’s more grown up and mature and I try to pose her in a way that shows it.

      Hehe, well I don’t know much about the bigger Supia girl bodies, I actually don’t like either of them looks-wise… but the Minisup body is really wonderful~ ;u; ♥ I’m really picky about small busts, but the Minisup bust is just perfect: cute, yet sensual. She also has the cutest bum (it’s really full, twice the size of Narae’s lol – and Yun is supposed to be the more curvy one)~ If only the hands were prettier, it’d be such a perfect body in my eyes, haha. xD

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