• Fyrd

    Nyx looks as gorgeous as ever! And I love how your demons all have this coordinated look, looks very muhc like a family, nevermind how much they hate each other XD

    • mizya

      Haha, thank you~ xD I’m glad to hear if the family resemblance is there! Although my fantasy crew will go on a small hiatus now because I would rather focus on my human characters… but I’m confident that Withdoll will release other dolls in the future that will suit the characters better. :3

      Well, I really like Juwel, but I just can’t live with his huge head anymore… :’< It bothers me even more now that all the new boys have smaller heads. I've become really picky about propotions now, earlier it didn't bug me that much... -.-; I guess it's a fate that you can't escape: when you're in this hobby for several years, your taste may change over time.

      • Fyrd

        So very true! I haven’t got to the porpotion-phase myself, but I know what you mean. And in the end, you got to have the dolls that you are really satisfied with.

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