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Shadow brothers

I’ve had this idea of a bro photo for a while, but didn’t really have inspiration to do anything about it until now. Also, I have several exams coming up and books to read for uni, so I don’t really have the luxury to spend a lot of time thinking about dolls, ahah… ^^;;

But yeah, here are my Withdoll boys for a change. Momus is the carefree idiot brother while Moros is the serious, responsible older brother.

“Hey bro, you’ve gotta forget about work sometimes. Let’s go hit on women.”
“… I would rather not.”
Momus’ and Moros’ ideas of having a good time are pretty different… x’D Momus (thinks) that he’s a ladies man while Moros doesn’t have a clue about women — unluckily for their sister, Apate… as she’s in love with him.

I hope that one of these days I’ll have the time and energy to paint Apate’s armour and Momus’ option parts… Momus would also need clothes. But it’ll probably take a while before they’re all finished.

At first Momus was supposed to have horns like Moros, but I don’t like them on him that much… Leeke discontinued the pair that I wanted for him originally. :I I’m thinking he’ll mostly keep them hidden, unlike his brother. Momus is sorta obsessed with appearance, anyway. xD Especially his hair lol..

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