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Trying to be witty with the title, haha… :’D But yeah, I’ve been on a small customising spree, so yesterday was Yun Hee’s turn. I’ve been wanting to re-do her face up for several months now, but since I’m still pretty inexperienced with face ups AND very precise about how my characters should look like, I’ve been way too afraid to. >.<;; Even the slightest difference in eyebrow shape/position can make the doll look off for the character, which is something I dread. Even more so if it's a character whose looks I'm extremely particular about... like Yun. >_o

But yeah, I wanted a softer, more natural look for her… I actually re-did her face twice ’cause at first I chose the wrong colours (too dark and cold) and just wasn’t happy with it at all. But luckily the next try turned out better – thankfully, because I so wouldn’t have had the energy to re-do it for the third time. @.@;; Yun doesn’t wear that much make up outside her modelling jobs, so this is definitely more her. I also tried painting more of a smile for her, in person she’s pretty smiley but it doesn’t transfer as well into photos, for some reason… well, hopefully one of these days I’ll master the art of painting dolls and she’ll have her perfect face up then. In the mean time, I’m pretty pleased with this. ♥

Because she’s now so fresh looking and all pretty, I fell even more in love with her… and figured I’d snap some photos of her. =u= Sadly it was pretty late by the time I managed to prepare a set, so the light was gone pretty quickly and colours were all over the place… I couldn’t edit all the photos to match each other, but… well, what can you do. =__=;;; Aanyway, here’s some Yun photos:

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