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New girl

I wasn’t supposed to introduce her until I got her body home, but it’s taking its sweet time and I’m no longer patient enough to keep her a secret, so… I’ll introduce you to my newest girl: Mi Cha. :3

She’s my birthday present to myself, haha. xD I got her head already in December and then gradually got a wig, eyes, clothes etc for her… Supia promised to ship her body in the beginning of this year, so that I’d get it well before my birthday but I haven’t heard anything and they haven’t replied their Q&A in over a week for a change, ughhh. I requested them to ship the body by the 13th which is… today. But they haven’t even read my message yet so pfft. I doubt I’ll see the body before February. *sigh* I’ve been looking forward to get this girl together ’cause I haven’t had a cute girl in a long time, bahhh. ;__; But no, must wait some more…

She’s borrowing her 언니’s body here, but it’s a completely different shade and darkness of resin than Mi Cha so I had to cover her up completely. :’D Thus only one photo for now… from what I’ve deduced, as there are no proper comparison photos around, Supia’s white skin is an almost paper white tone with a bit of pink, so I got a white head from Withdoll and blushed it more pink… now I only hope it’ll match the body, then… got tired of waiting and did her face up. This is my third attempt and I’m still not a 100% happy with it, somehow this resin is really difficult to paint (it’s really harsh, I had to smoothen it with sandpaper a bit and luckily it helped somewhat)… :S I’ll probably commission a better face up for her later, once I earn some extra money. I didn’t enjoy painting her very much. xD;;

Her headsculpt is Withdoll’s Cathy… at first I wanted a Minisup Yisol for her, but I managed to find one comparison with Narae and it seemed like Yisol’s head was much bigger and face longer than Narae’s, so I was afraid that they wouldn’t look good together… not to mention that her boyfriend is Withdoll Taren, who also has a really small head. So, I was looking for an alternative and thought that Cathy might be nice, as she seemed to be a bit bigger than some of the other WD girl heads ( like teenytiny Angela – she was too tiny for me already x__x ) — and luckily I was right. I’m rather happy with my choice, the Cathy sculpt is really cute. :3 ♥ She has just enough of a baby face but doesn’t look too childish, so I’m very pleased with her~

Now if only I got that damn body, I could take better photos of her… and photograph her with Yun. And also take her to see her boyfriend, Min Ki. They make such a cute couple, I’m really looking forward to seeing them together~ ♥

I’ll write more about her character later… I actually have her background story all written out, although it’s really long so it’ll need an entry of its own. x’D Mi Cha is a model like Yun Hee and they’ve become such good friends that Yun calls Mi Cha her little sister. She’s a bit insecure and awkward, so she admires Yun a lot ’cause she’s so mature and confident. At work Mi Cha has another personality, she’s a very cheerful and happy girl… because of her awkwardness, it’s easier for her to pretend to be someone else (she’s a talented actor). But recently she’d managed to overcome some things that have been holding her back… so little by little, she’s starting to appreciate herself more and is becoming happier in general. :3

But anyway, here’s a photo:

Hopefully it won’t take too long until I can get proper photos of her… =__=;;; 

Edit on the 15th

Darkened her eyebrows to match her wig better and added more snapshots. :3

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