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New face

Today I decided to try painting Apate in between studying for exams. I need to have a break every once in a while or I go crazy, lol. But anyway… there were some things about her previous face up that I disliked, so she’s been waiting for a new face up for a while now… this one didn’t turn out perfectly either, but it’s definitely better than the previous one. I like her more now~ ♥

I have her armour parts coated, I just need to find the time to paint them… the last time I did airbrushing, I got a horrible migraine afterwards, so I’ve been cautious – it’ll be bad if I get a migraine on a day that I have an exam. ><;; Well, now I do have a proper respirator, so hopefully something like that won't happen again. Also, it's finally getting warmer so I can keep the balcony door open while I work... but the armour parts have so many little details, that I need to be rid of my exams before I can properly concentrate on painting them. But anyway, here's a photo of Apate with her new face up:

I have a new dress designed for her, but that’s going to have to wait ’til after the exams, as well. I do lack some materials for it still, too. Hopefully I can pull it off, she’d look gorgeous with such a dress, I’m sure. ♥

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