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New beginnings

After flickr renewed itself, I started feeling really disconnected with it. I really don’t like the new layout, it’s too busy, cluttered and in-your-face. It feels like yet another of those sites where you just upload as many photos as possible for display & browse as many of other people’s photos at the same time and as quickly as you can — and that’s it. The sense of community that it once had was completely ruined for me. I just don’t like it. Unless thei either go back to the old system or make a compromise between the old and new one – I’m not going to post there anymore.

But, I did find a nice alternative, Ipernity. It’s similar to the classic flickr but has some cool additonal features. The layout is very simple and clean and I really like it there so far. :3 Hopefully I can continue to use it like this~

I took a photo of Hisoka ’cause I wanted to upload something new there, haha. And well, Hisa is too adorable anyways. xD ♥

Cute, right? xD

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