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Midsummer (Part I)

Okay so, I returned from my parents place last night. I already edited a couple of Alisa photos then but I was too tired to post them here yet (I went to the movies, so I was pretty tired). I didn’t take that many photos, I had Mihail, Alisa and Hisoka with me but in the end I only took photos of Alisa and Mihail… ’cause I was too lazy to take all three to our summer cottage and then I never got around photographing Hisa at my parents’ house either. x’D Oh well, I photograph my minis quite a bit in my apartment anyway…

But yes. Some Alisa photos. Not too much variation because I’ve been too lazy to restring and suede her so that she’d behave… and the bugs didn’t really let me concentrate on posing her either. u__u But well, my mom made a really pretty flower wreath for Alisa, so I wanted to snap at least a couple of photos of her with it. >u< ♥

I’ll edit and post the Mihail photos later today~

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