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Little cutie

I took some photos of Alisa today because I made a new dress for her last week… I wanted photos of the dress, too, but she refused to stand so that didn’t really work out. >_>; Sigh. She’s so cute but her body is really terrible when it come to posing. I’ll have to see if new pliver sueding (and possibly new strings) would make her behave a bit better…

But anyway, here are some photos of her cute face. That wig is impossible, honestly, but then again – how many four-year-olds have perfect hair? x’D

I’ll post a photo I took of the dress last week since I didn’t get a better one taken today. I wanted to make something mori girl inspired for her… I really love this new fabric. :3 ♥ Today’s photos are more true to the dress’ colour… it’s this light yellow-ish peachy colour. It can look more orange in different lighting, though.


  • velvettwilight

    She is so darling and I love the dress you made, Wow! -so dainty and feminine! Oh, and I sympathize with the posing issue… most of my dolls fight me all the way. My new Husky is going to need so much work. T-T

    • mizya

      Hehe, I wasn’t sure if the dress would work out since I pretty much just cut pieces without proper planning… but luckily it turned out fine. xD Thank you! ♥

      Ahh, yes, the issues of posing… luckily most of my dolls pose pretty well, though I’ve noticed that I’ve become more picky as time passes. :’3 Also lazier, I don’t always have the energy to maintain them… like with Nyx, she has the old Super Gem female body, which always requires sueding and well adjusted strings before it behaves. For a long time I was really annoyed with her because she couldn’t pose at all, but she was just fine as soon as I’d changed to new strings and sueded her. I suppose the same thing would help with Alisa, too. Still it’s a bit frustrating how her wrists and ankles don’t have much movement to begin with… >.<;

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