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Leeke’s May pre-order arrived

I only got one special wig, though… the two-coloured long one with twintails. Apate’s default wig is a RoyalGray/SlateGray mix and suits her perfectly (by themselves the two colours are too dark and too light for her), and once I saw that wig available in the same colour mix, I decided to get it even though it’s not exactly her style… and yeah, the minute I got it, the twintails had to go. xD I’ll keep them in case someday they make a shorter style in that mix, so I could get one for the ponytail look. Well, anyway, I started playing around with hairdos so I didn’t take any proper photos of the wig yet. Perhaps later. It has really stupid bangs, though, I’m kind of angry. The wig that I got for Baal is even more ridiculous and asymmetric, I’ll have to see if it suits him when he arrives but I’m kinda doubtful. :/

Oh well, here’s a quick photo of Apate:

I need ideas for photos… :S


  • Musume

    I do not know, but she is gorgeous! I was stunned when I saw this pic in the LoveWithdoll blog. She is so beautiful. I wish I could take pics half as good as yours. Keep posting please, I love this wig on her, and the whole style.

    • mizya

      Sorry for the late reply, I thought that I had already replied but seems like I forgot. I can be such a scatterbrain sometimes. @.@;;

      Hehe, thank you, I’m very flattered~ :3 ♥ I’ve been photographing dolls for like… over 8 years now, so I’ve had a lot of practise. xD I can assure you that my first photos were quite horrible, ahah… But yeah, my advice is to just keep taking photos as often as you can to gain more experience. ^^

      I’ll be taking more photos of Apate as soon as I have a chance to sew her a dress~ :3

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