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I haven’t had much time nor inspiration for my dolls lately because the weather has been terrible, university keeps me busy and I’m still recovering from my leg injury… but well, I have a few weeks off at the end of this month so hopefully I can use that time to do some sewing and painting.

Anyway, struggling to get Baal finished because the weather just sucks… I haven’t been able to blush his paws & tail yet, his ears I managed quickly the other day when I came home from the uni. But yeah, he’s still very unfinished. Especially because I started hating his wig a lot, it just wasn’t working for him because it doesn’t frame his face as well as I’d like… luckily one of Apate’s Leeke wigs looked good on him, though, so I ordered that same one in Slate Gray for him. Hopefully I’ll get it within two weeks or so…

But yeah, I took some dull snapshots of him with the wig… went for monochrome editing ’cause the wig is this purplish pink on a blonde base and… so not his colour. ^^; But I wanted to explore his angles, since I’m not familiar with photographing him yet… he’s a bit challenging, but we’ll see what happens once he gets his wig.

I need to redo his face up once more, I’m still not happy with it… and I also need to remake that shirt once I have the energy, it came out pretty crappy ’cause I didn’t have the time/energy to concentrate properly. x__x Well, hopefully one of these days I’ll get him finished…

Anyway, here are the photos:

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