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In the midst of colour

I WAS going to update these here already last night but then I noticed that WordPress had logged me out and I couldn’t bother to log in, so… I went to sleep. :’D;;; But well, now I’m posting before I forget.

Aanyway, I finally got the lovely pre-order wig from Leeke the other day, so yesterday I was inspired to take Mi Cha out for some photos (also because I wanted to take a look around ’cause we may meet up with Aatos this weekend for dolly photos). I really fell in love with the colour, GoldSandy. ♥ It’s similar to her Crobidoll Mellow Cream wig, but more red in tone. Luckily not any darker, though. It’s pretty much the perfect colour for her, I should’ve ordered more than one wigs… but I’m often disappointed with Leeke’s browns so I didn’t. Bahh. ;A; I can only hope that they’ll sell it again sometime…

But, yes, I took Mi Cha out. I thought of going to this nearby forest ’cause I haven’t been there since July or so. To my delight, it was really pretty and colourful everywhere~ >u< ♥ Too bad it was super windy, though, so I didn't really dare to leave Mi Cha standing without support... >A<;;; But I didn't want to come back empty-handed so I tried to shoot at least something... With this long wig she channels her younger self more... she used to have long hair like this when she started modelling at the age of 13, but then at around 16~17 years old she had it cut and she's had short-ish hair since. I styled her even more cutesy than usual because of this, ahah. x'D

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