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Happy Holidays 2013

A quick post to wish Happy Holidays to the readers of my blog. I didn’t really have time to do a proper set up and the weather didn’t cooperate either… but I wanted to have at least something to post so I dressed Yun in red and threw some of my very few Christmas decorations in the background, haha. xD Currently I’m at my parents’ place for Christmas (like every year) and I don’t really have the time nor peace to focus on indoors photography here – not to mention the lack of backdrops and other props, as well as decent light so I have to take Christmas photos in advance before I leave… I do have Mihail and Alisa with me but I might not have a chance to do a Christmas photos with them, so… this is my back up plan. :’3

But yeah, Happy Holidays everyone! ^^ ♥ I’ll be back home on New Years and will resume posting photos then~ Hopefully we’ll get at least a little snow so that I can make use of the great outdoors while I’m here, lol. xD


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