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Girls, girls

I’m quite tired today but I figured I should make a blog entry since I’ll be out of town again starting tomorrow. I’ll be back on the evening of the 6th of August, so returning to normal schedule again from the 7th onwards. But yeah, here are some photos from yesterday and today… I got my Pipos group order today, yay. :3 I mainly ordered from them to get ears for Baal (since keeping the fox ears for a wolf would be silly – well, Pipos only has cats ears but I don’t care, they’re big and cuuute) but I also got a mohair wig for Alisa… so naturally I played around a bit, haha.

The wig cap is rather unfortunate shape on Alisa’s head, it doesn’t stay too well on her head… so I tried it on Yun first and she looked like a 50’s Hollywood actress, especially with this dress that I finished sewing for her yesterday (though well, it kinda failed so I’ll have to re-do it whenever I have the energy to try again). :’3 She can be such a chameleon…

Once I get back, I need to think about painting dolls for a change… and also continue sewing clothes for sale. Hopig to finish the blue and beige lace cardigans by the 16th of August at the latest.

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