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Forest fairy

Yesterday me and Yenna made a small bicycle trip and our mission was to find a nice location for photos. We cycled for a while before we stumbled upon this really lovely little stream a bit away from the road. When we got there, both of us were like heck yeah!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ It was such a perfect spot for photos! Sadly the weather was kinda unpredictable and there was an insane downpour of rain at one point… well I did have my water-proof jacket and Yenna had an umbrella, but it kinda sucked anyway. And my jacket was totally wet afterwards, lol. All our stuff got wet too… after that we stayed for a while to take photos, but we didn’t end up going to look for another location and headed home.

Hopefully one of these days we’d have cloudy weather with no danger of rain… it would be nicer to take photos without everything getting wet, ahah… (・∀・;)

Anyway, I had my Mercedes figure with me ’cause I hoped to find a location with a nice forest scenery & water for her… and this spot was absolutely perfect! (●´□`)♡ Poor thing got totally wet due to rain but I kinda like the effect that the waterdrops bring. And I totally looove how those droplets are drooping from the tips of the leaves. Pretty, pretty~ ❤️

It would’ve been super awesome to bring my Gwendolyn and Velvet figures there as well, but there’s no way I’d get them there in one piece… unless I had a car, and unfortunately I don’t lol.( ´∀`)

But yeah, here are the photos that I took of Mercedes~

And here are two photos of the stream itself:
Stream within the green

Stream within the green

And as an extra, an artistic photo of me photographing Mercedes, lol~

Photo by Yenna

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