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Father & daughter time

Yeah… I visited Yenna again yesterday and we went to the lake for more photos (I’ll write another entry about it later). After that I had a chance to try retaking the photos of Alisa and Demyan that failed the last time. Well, they’re not perfect this time either (I’m a bit annoyed that I couldn’t recreate some of the photos as nicely) but good enough to publish.

These are taken just for my own entertainment, and they’re completely out of character. :’D Well, I’m sure Alisa would behave like this if she knew her daddy, but Demyan is so not a loving father, haha. x’D He and Ivanna (Alisa’s mom) only had a one night stand once, so there’s no possibility of them becoming a family lol. And, well, it really wouldn’t be in Demyan’s character to be a daddy either… :’D

Anyway, I got this idea back when I photographed Mihail and Alisa at my parents’ cottage… since Alisa had that pretty flower garland made by my mom. I figured that it would be really cute if she were to put it on Mihail’s head, though in the end I didn’t have time to take such a photo ’cause my brother was in a hurry to leave… sooo then I figured I’d do this set up with Demyan instead (much to his dismay, I’m sure). x’D There is this older photo where Dem gives Alisa a clover, after all… :’3

Yenna posed Demyan and assisted me with the soap bubbles… only the soap water we had was kinda sucky so they didn’t fly very well… I had a hard time focusing the photos ’cause I was laughing too much. xD

But yeah, here are the photos:

In the end she wanted to put the garland on her own head and made daddy watch over her hairband, haha. x’D

Lol Demyan so hates me for this…

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