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Day at the beach

Well, I visited Yenna yesterday and we decided to go see if there was a chance we could photograph our dolls at the nearby lake. Luckily there was only one mom with her two kids when we got there and they soon left… well, it wasn’t long until another mom with her kids arrived, but for some reason we were super lucky ’cause there was only one group of people in addition to us at the same time. A new group came only after the previous had left, haha. So while we didn’t have the whole beahc to ourselves, we did have a corner of our own where we could shoot relatively undisturbed. :3

I wasn’t planning on soaking Hisoka in the water at first, ’cause I’m not too keen about restringing and resueding afterwards, haha… and well, just the day before I thought that photographing a topless male doll might be a little too embarrassing in public. x’D But clearly Hisoka himself disagreed, ’cause when I put him ankle deep in the water in order to snap a photo of him… he goes and faceplants into the lake. u__u My first reaction was swearing (lol setting a good example for kids) ’cause that was an unplanned development so I was kinda pissed off… and also worried that his face up might’ve chipped ’cause it was shallow and he hit the sand. But yeah, he was just wet and really sandy… after I got him cleaned up a bit, I decided to make the most of it and took some photos of him in the lake. So that’s it for not photographing him topless in public, lol. x’D Hisoka’s swimmer nature took over, clearly… ’cause in high school he used to be in the swim team and he still swims regularly as a hobby.

Well, anyway… here’s my unplanned water shoot with Hisa, with cameos of Yenna‘s Avis and Lilya:

Somehow the photos didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped, I already edited them twice and I still don’t like them much… buuuut since this is such a rare chance, it would’ve been a waste not to post them. Next time I need to wear my bikini, though, I didn’t get as nice shots as I could’ve since I was wearing pants and I didn’t want to get my butt wet. :’D

Originally I actually visited in order to take other kinds of photos, but sadly those didn’t work out ’cause I took them in a hurry (had to catch the last bus home). I probably need to visit again to re-do them. :S I’ve been planning those for a long time so damn if I can’t get them right! *shakes fist*

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