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Dark December

I took these when I was still visiting my parents in the countryside. This shoot ended up more a “hay pretty scenery” kind rather than a doll shoot… we’ve had really sucky weather now, very little snow & sun and A LOT of gloomy & rain. -__- It was really windy so I didn’t dare to leave Mihail standing by himself ’cause I was afraid that he’d fall & break something… not to mention the wet moss and lichen was really slippery. I kept sliding down the cliff half the time while trying to take photos, lol… probably not the best place to take photos. But it’s really pretty on this particular cliff so I wanted to go there.

The lichen almost kinda seems winter-ish, ’cause it’s light coloured… ? It was like shooting in autumn, but without all the nasty critters (I have deep hatred towards deer flies, cannot go into the forest in autumn, nope). So in a way awesome, but mostly sucky ’cause I’d rather wanted a frosty/snowy shoot… :< Oh well. Maybe we'll get snow by my birthday. I hope.

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