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Couples in autumn

I visited Yenna yesterday and we spent a few hours rolling around the backyard with two of our couples. I mostly focused on Min Ki and Mi Cha while Yenna took more photos of Hisoka and Lilya. I got even stung by a wasp at one point while rolling in the ground, I get so focused when I photograph that I don’t realise to pay attention to such things… only later on I was like wtf is this throbbing pain in my elbow?! Lol…

Well, I mainly got 2-3 good shots and the rest are quite awful, but… managed to re-size them into some kind of a shoot. The colours & lighting keep changing ’cause the sun couldn’t decide whether to shine or not. :/

I took a lot of the photos behind bushes/trees in order to create a paparazzi-feel, lol. xD Mi Cha is a popular model, so I’m sure that there are paparazzis who take photos of her whenever she’s out and about… especially with her boyfriend.


おまけ: Silly cat (part 2)
We were, like, two meters away and Kasperi kept on meowing ’cause he couldn’t get to us. How cruel that we were so far away and he could only watch us and not bother our photoshoot! x’D

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