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Country chic

I completely forgot about making a blog entry after I got back home… though I don’t have more than two photos to post, as I didn’t have as much time for doll photography as I had hoped. I had both Yun Hee and Hisoka with me, but in the end I only managed to take a couple of photos of Yun… and I didn’t like most of them. u__u; I switched her default wig back, though, and was reminded of how beautiful she looks with it. This really is the perfect wig for her! ♥

I’ve been busy with mailing stuff out (things really piled even though I was away for barely a week), cleaning and sewing… I had planned to sew at my parents’ place but my old sewing machine was broken — mom failed to inform me about it — so I couldn’t and am now behind in schedule… well, hopefully I’ll manage to catch up somehow. I have an exam next Friday so I need to study for that, too. Busy busy busy! In a month it’s back to uni and I’ll be even busier then… not really looking forward to that. x.x;;

She makes a nice summer babe, though… xD This kinda like a “wearing my boyfriend’s tank top” look, haha~

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