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Wow, I completely forgot that I never posted these photos here. x__x I took these almost three weeks ago already when I was visiting my parents in the countryside… the weather was terrible and I didn’t get as many nice shots as I’d hoped so I couldn’t bother to edit more than a couple from each set of photos, ahah…

I had Yun and Baal with me because I wanted to photograph Yun with the boots that I’d customised for her – I wanted her to have fur boots so I made these fur covers for her… they’re really fluffy, but it’s a bit difficult to find really good quality fur in MSD-scale here in Finland. But well, I kinda like them all super fluffy, haha. xD And then Baal was with me ’cause he’s a forest creature and I hadn’t photographed him in the forest yet – nor with his new wig. Although these ended up being his last photos, ’cause I figured that I’d much rather concentrate on my human characters for now. So I’m selling all my fantasy characters – except for Queen Nyx because I love her sculpt way too much to ever be able to part with her.

But yeah, I’m hoping that sometime in the future I’ll be able to buy a head from another company that I like better than any of the faces that Soom offers… and if maybe someday Soom has a FCS event for tinies again with the Feny body, I can get Baal back as a hybrid then. The Soom aesthetic doesn’t really appeal to me in Teenie Gem size, I’ve noticed…

But anyway, here are the photos:


  • Fyrd

    I can understand wanting to concentrate on just some of your dolls, but damn that Baal is cute! I’ll miss seeing photos of him. But Yun is very pretty as well. And with that auburn hair, she seems to fit into the forest actually better than Baal.

    • mizya

      Ahah, yeah… I’m gonna miss him a bit too, but there really were more problems than things that I was happy about. I mean, sure, he’s cute, but he has really few usable angles… I looked at the photos that I took of him and they all looked practically the same. x__x Photography is such a big part for me in this hobby that I just can’t get along with dolls who either a) have only a couple of good angles b) only have one expression. -__-;; Especially now that Bimong is back and making dolls again, I started thinking: which one do I want more, grown up Kei or Baal? Obviously Kei wins. My funds are kinda limited right now so it’s either or. :S Of course, in a perfect world I’d be able to keep all my dolls and also get new ones, but alas…

      I just really don’t get well along with tinies… I don’t like human children at all and the child characters that I create are incredibly boring… ’cause for kids everything’s still simple, there are no complicated feelings and relationships. xD I just can’t relate to children… and for me it’s important that my dolls have characters for me to be able to stay interested in them, so… *shrug* Besides, Alisa is just the cutest thing and it really doesn’t seem that anything can ever compare, haha. xD I think that I’ll be much happier with Alisa as my only tiny doll.

      Perhaps if that other company ever starts selling heads separately and I can get a Feny body again to stick that head onto, I could give another chance to baby!Baal… but right now I’m thinking that I’d rather get adult!Baal whenever I start collecting my fantasy crew again. He’d be so pretty as a grown up, and I really do love adult dolls more than children… :’3

      Of course, I also follow other hobbyists and am sad whenever they sell a doll of theirs that I really liked… but sometimes the owner and the doll don’t “click” and then it’s better to sell the doll rather than try force it to work. I definitely feel a whole lot better about the hobby and my crew in general after I decided to sell Feny and my fantasy Withdolls. Humans are more my thing and I’m excited about all the plans that I have for my human crew~ ^^ I haven’t felt this content with my dolls in years, so I feel that it was the right decision. ♥

      • Fyrd

        Alisa will surely make up for any missing cuteness for sure :3 And an adult!Baal does sound interesting, so I’ll stay tuned if you return to the fantasy characters some time in the future. I’m glad your keeping Nyx though, she is my favourite Vesu so far.

        But I hear you on the feeling of almost relief when one decides to just sell off dolls that haven’t ‘clicked’ or just aren’t needed anymore. I was struggling with my Unoas, and only when I found myself thinking what kinds of things I could get with the money I got from selling them, did I finally pack them up and put them up for sale. It was such a burden off my shoulders when I realised that the size just wasn’t for me. But I got one friend (who isn’t in the hobby herself) who preferred Éire out of all my dolls and she’s still grudging that I sold it :D

        • mizya

          Oh yes she will. xD I just love her face so much, and she’s so petite in general… TGs look really short & chubby in comparison, which kinda weirds me out. xD;;; I also totally love how she has these biiiiig eyes and a cute little nose & mouth. I almost feel like if I get another tiny, then I should get another Marion from Bambicrony, lol~ I love her too much to like any others it seems. @_@;; Well, better for my wallet to have only one cupcake princess…

          And Nyx, yes… she’s such an old lady and feels completely “mine” so I couldn’t part with her, even if I was able to get double the price that I paid for her if I sold her. xD I’m sooo glad I bought mine before the biggest Vesuvia hype… I browsed the marketplace again the other day and saw that there are still people who’d pay 2000 dollars for one, whew (I could never justify paying that amount for one doll, no matter how much I liked the sculpt)… But yeah, I really love the Vesuvia sculpt and I can’t really imagine my crew without Nyx. :3 She’s the center of my fantasy story with Kreios (although him I still don’t have as a doll, well maybe someday), so that’s also why I don’t want to sell her… and, well, if I ever feel like doing something fantasy, I’ll still have her. She’s my flawless bitchy Queen, too delightful to not have around, lol~ x’D ♥

          And yeah, I’ve been feeling pretty anxious with my fantasy dolls for the past few years… they’ve always been these quick buys, ’cause obviously they’ve all been limited dolls: you have to buy them while they’re sold. It really frustrated me that I had to constantly compromise my plans in order to collect these limiteds, when I REALLY wanted to buy shells for my human characters… but I was always thinking along the lines “well, that doll is a basic and will be available later, this limited one I can only get now”. So it’s just been a limited doll after a limited doll and I’ve gotten really sick of being in that vicious cycle… so I finally decided that now: I’m going to sell these, not think about any damn limiteds and just buy the human dolls that I really, really want. xD

          And, well, also in the case of Moros and Apate, I want to change their sculpts… so it’s easier to just sell the dolls as a whole for now and then purchase a whole new doll once I find a head that I like better. I really love Juwel even now, but jfc his head size started to really bug me after I got the Angela (her head is so tiny, it actually started to bug me that it’s so tiny lol) and also increased my Narin/Narae collection… maybe if Withdoll had kept making their boys with 7-8inch heads, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much… but the new ones are now 6-7inch. :/ My taste in dolls has changed and I can no longer deal with dolls whose heads are too big compared to their bodies… the 6-7inch heads are much more propotionate, so I’ll wait for Withdoll to release a new boy that I like and then bring Moros back. I’d also like for him to have elf ears instead of human ones, so I really hope that they make a nice elf boy at some point.

          … I’m clearly writing a novel here. XD But yeah, as long as I’m investing my own money in these dolls, it’s up to me which ones to keep and sell. There’s very little point to this hobby if you don’t have dolls that _you_ are happy with yourself. Of course it makes me happy to hear that other people like my dolls, too, but essentially I’m in this hobby for myself. :3

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