• Fyrd

    Those Angell Studio birdies are soo cute XD I was tempted to make an order with them just get those myself. And that picture is so funny!

    Also loving the Alisa spam, especially the one with a teaparty with her toys/animals is super cute.

    • mizya

      Haha, yeah they are. xD I made an order to AS solely for the purpose of getting them, oops. “”oTL Well, at first I figured I’d only be able to qualify for three of them but luckily enough people joined the GO and I got them all, yay~ I love everything chick themed, lol. xD They make good friends for Seth, definitely…

      Hehe, she’s my cutie princess. x3 I have some photo ideas for her, hopefully I’ll be able to execute them soon~ I got her one of those MLP figurines today, she has so many toys now, haha…

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