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Backlog V

Another backlog post… I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately, so I haven’t taken many photos – nor had the energy to post photos into this blog, haha. xD; These are just Mi Cha & Yun Hee, because they’re the ones that I’ve been sewing for:

This is a test shot taken before the “Winter date” photos… ’cause I wasn’t sure if we’d get snow or not, so I tried an indoors set up.
Tried the Supia gift wig on Mi Cha
Random portrait of her in her new shirt/dress
Test shots of Yun’s new dress

And that last one I’m extremely happy with~ >u< ♥ Yun is my sexy and sensual girl and I love to bring that out in her photos. She's obviously a model, but she also loves to dance... and a while ago she took up pole dancing as another hobby of hers (she's been doing yoga for years). I can very well imagine her posing like this for Cin, haha. xD And them having some hot ‘n’ steamy sex as a result, lol~ /shot

I really love the fact that the Narae body has the good old waist joint, I’m all for natural & realistic poses so I despise joints that are placed at the chest – people don’t bend where their ribcages are, they bend at the waist. Luckily all my female dolls that I have now only have waist joints… Narae, Minisup & old type Super Gem female. Among my male dolls I still have those annoying chest joints, unfortunately (Soulkid NL, MNF, Withdoll). >^< I can only hope that someday companies will go back into doing joints that make sense instead of trying to "hide" them or whatever. I mean, I GUESS the chest joints can be considered less obvious when the doll is just there as a decoration... but when you get around posing them, they just look so... awkward and stiff. And often have gaping holes on their back/side/chest, depending on which way you bend them. Some companies (like Iplehouse) make really angular chest joints and the dolls just look hideous when you bend the torso… ugh. Can you tell that I’m not a fan?

I very much prefer single joints to all these new super innovative, over-engineered and gimmicky double joints… when I have to be undressing the damn doll so that I can pull the joints out and click/route them into position, that just… is far too unnecessarily complicated to me. I’m a firm believer that joints should work even when the doll is wearing clothes. And that is what single joints do. Out of all the fancy Iplehouse, Fairyland and whatnot dolls that I’ve owned — I still think that the single jointed Narae, Narin, Minisup, Dollzone etc bodies have been the easiest and most pleasant to handle.

And in my opinion that photo of Yun Hee speaks volumes. That pose would not be possible if she had a joint right under her breasts, nope.

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