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Backlog IV

I’m really bad at keeping this blog up to date, aren’t I? xD Ahh, I have so much to do with school work and now I’m sewing some clothes, too, so that takes most of my time and energy. 24 hours in a day isn’t enough, haha~ The relationship chart + character writing has been delayed, too, but next week I have some days off so I’ll have to see if I manage to write something then.

But yeah, here are some older and newer random photos that I haven’t posted here yet:

I love the Minisup body’s posing~ *-* ♥


  • Valneanne

    Well the benefit of you doing backlog posts is that I get to enjoy several photos at once! :D (I’m DamagedRoses0 over on DoA by the way, though I’ll admit to following this blog long before I heard of Withdoll :P)

    I love the red coat and boots! It looks perfect for winter and I kinda want that coat myself XD That said, the Narae sculpt still tempts me after all these years. And I already had a weak spot for Cathy which didn’t exactly lessen after seeing these pictures!

    • mizya

      Ohh, hi~ :3 *waves* Haha, well I’m glad to hear if they bring out a positive reaction and not something along the lines of “Oh, she’s so late in posting these AGAIN”. x’D

      Yeah, I really love that coat too! It was a bit of a risk, but luckily it’s a perfect fit on the Narae body, even though Yun has the larger bust that’s really hard to find clothes for (it’s much, much bigger than MNF or Withdoll large busts, haha). x3 I’ve only had light grey fur covers on the boots before, but luckily I remembered that I have a bit of this black fur, too, so I could make new covers out of it. ’cause the coat has that black fur collar and a muffle, I thought that black furry boots would match it nicely. ♥ It’s even prettier at the back, it has this really lovely ribbon shape~ Too bad pretty much all the snow is gone now and it’s really ugly outside… I can only hope that we get a cold spell in March and some new snow before spring comes. I got a cute coat for Mi Cha today, too, and now I can’t photograph either of the girls in their new winter gear, gah!! xD

      And hehe, I definitely recommend Narae and Withdolls. ;3 ♥ They’re really wonderful dolls… although I’m going to wait until Withdoll — hopefully — makes an upgraded version of the girl body before I buy more girl dolls from them. I didn’t like it too much, so I ended up selling my Angela (although her face sculpt didn’t inspire me anymore either). =A=;; I love my Narae and Mi Cha’s Minisup body so much because they have a torso joint at the waist and not right under the boobs… their posing is so much more natural thanks to it. ♥

      • Valneanne

        Haha! No, I have more than enough keeping myself up to date with all sort of different things (hobby, uni, work, social life etc.) to keep track of anyone else! :P

        And yeah, I’d forgotten that Naraes can have a preeettty big bust! Not sure if the character I have in mind would fit with a big bust or not, hm, so I suppose I’ll have to consider that bit as well. And the black fur matches lovely with the fur of the coat! It’s really very pretty and I’m glad to hear it’s even prettier from behind! And yeah, we’re not fairing a whole lot better here (Norway) as far as snow goes. I’m just waiting for the after-snow smell to start coming from the parks around here :P

        The Withdoll female body is something I’m a bit apprehensive about as I have an Aquariusdoll who’s lovely to pose (no waist joint, but good leg joints at least!) so I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t hate it (I’m going down to pick her up in less than ten minutes so we’ll see I guess :P). Still, I ordered an Aiden during the event specifically because I didn’t want to order another girl just to find I hated the body on Ruby and would end up waiting for another doll whose body I’d hate too! I do need to stop looking at dolls though, I already have my eyes on a few other Withdoll boys, a Souldoll Vito and several Soulkids as well as Iplehouse’s Owen (the nose <3)… Aaaand I'm going to stop talking now before I write a novel here xD

        • mizya

          Well, originally Narae only had the small bust… later on Bimong made the larger bust and the small bust is now a bit bigger than the original, too. But the current small bust is definitely flatter compared to the large bust that my Yun Hee has, haha. xD This is the small bust and here is the large one.

          This winter has been really awful. ;_; We didn’t get snow properly until in January and now it’s barely the end of February and it’s already almost gone. :'( The autumn was very rainy and dark, too, it was pretty depressing in November and December because it was so dark… if there’s snow, it doesn’t seem quite as dark. I was hoping that we’d have snow well into March now that the early winter was so rainy and warm, but of course I was wrong… just when I found such cute coats for Yun Hee and Mi Cha, too, and now I can’t photograph them outside. ;^;

          From what I’ve seen, Aquariusdoll bodies seem really nice. :3 A friend of mine and his roommate have two Aquarius girls, although I haven’t tried posing them ’cause we haven’t had a meet up in a while (but hopefully one of these weekends we’ll get together and I can take a look at that body more closely!). What I didn’t like about the Withdoll female body was that the arms were somewhat stiff… but the leg joints were especially frustrating. The knees lock and flop really weirdly and there’s a lock at the top of the thighs, too… some graceful girly poses were really difficult to do with it, like standing with her legs crossed. I often had to spend a lot of time balancing her, then quickly snap a few photos before she fell. -_-;;; I’ve never had as much trouble making a doll stand. :S I hope that they’ll eventually release another girl body, because I really wouldn’t want to own that body again. x_x Otherwise I could deal with it, but the legs just drive me crazy, aghh…

          And yayy, you ordered Aiden!! :D I’m hoping that mine will ship in mid March or so, I’m really curious to see him in person. ♥ There aren’t that many owner photos of Aidens around… everyone keeps hiding theirs, haha. xD Withdoll dolls are really addicting, though… I really wanted to get Cynthia, but sadly her head is small, so she wouldn’t look too good next to Narae… and I was intending to shell one of Yun Hee’s model friends as Cynthia, so it would really suck if I couldn’t photograph them together (I’m really picky about these things, sadly). :S I gave up that plan as a result… I really like Emma and Ruby, too. But for now while I’m still waiting for them to (hopefully) release a new girl body, I’ll see if they release more pretty girls before I decide who I’m going to buy next, haha. xD

          Btw, I’m looking at the Vito boys, too (and my Narin is a hybrid with the Soulkid N.L. boy body, actually). ;3 I’m hoping to get Edmund as my Butterfly Narae’s husband. They’re supposed to have a huge height difference, so I thought that a Vito guy would work well… and Edmund is sooo handsome, too. xD ♥

          • Valneanne

            Ah, I see. Yeah, the smaller bust looks more appropriate for the character I have in mind (I think at least, need to do some pondering first! xD). Thanks for the images! My AQ has a big bust and Ruby has a small one and I think the AQ is roughly the same as Withdolls and I find that pretty big (though depending on the character larger is fine too).

            Yeah it was the same here, miserable Christmas that looked more like autumn than anything remotely winter-y so I feel you there! And yeah! That’s exactly why I’m such a fan of snow – seems to incredibly dark here otherwise and it gets really depressing. But yeah, that sucks about the snow thing. However you never know when the weather will act up and decide to make it snow until April xD

            They’re very nice! I’m almost sad I got my AQ before I got Withdoll because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have had _that_ much to compare it too xD I like the Withdoll body kinda… Meh-ish so I’ll admit to already messing with the idea of getting a new body. Just have to find a resin match with normal (I don’t really want to re-buy in a white shade unless necessary as it’s too pale for the character almostI). And yes! The arms were a bit weird and challenging to move about but oh dear… The legs… My AQ has such lovely ones and it’s those that’s making me really displeased about the Withdoll body :/ To the point where I’d rather get another body because I lover her sculpt… But the legs, ARGH! *Sigh* But yeah I hear you on the posing thing. I haven’t done much photography (only recently got a camera too) but I still like it when I can play around with posing my dolls for fun and whatnot.

            And yep! I did :D I’m looking around for curly/wavy wigs as we speak (short ones) since I got the image into my head and now it won’t leave xD And no, there’s sadly a lack of Aidens around which is too bad because the sculpt is really lovely from what I’ve seen! I do quite like Cynthia, but Emma has been on the list for awhile too. But yeah, if I do get one it’ll most likely be a head and I’ll get a separate body (yaaay resin matching! *cough*).

            I’ve looked at Edmund before! He’s such a nice sculpt <3 I'll admit that I'm kinda head over heels in love with Lester, and I've been staring longingly at Sharics too XD But yeah, it does create a rather big height difference with shorter dolls (I've forgotten where Narae fall on the scale right now xD) I have an idea or a Vito being an older brother to a Soulkid (or two, depending on my brain xD) so we'll see. I've been glancing over at Soom's Rosette recently too because I caught sight of Vela… Honestly, I should keep my flickr searches limited to flower arrangements at this point XD But yes, Edmund is very handsome and I'll look forward to seeing whether you end up getting one or not! :)

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