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Back to black

Got to pick up Mihail’s black Heise uniform from the post office this evening~ >u< I got back home pretty late and the sun was already setting, so I didn't have time to set up a proper background... but I wanted photos anyway, because he looks SO damn good in it. @///@ ♥ I swear this doll makes me so happy, he's just perfect in every way and mngh! No, I will never get sick of going on and on about how beautiful he is. x'D But yeah, here are some quick photos of him in his new fancy black uniform~

Nyx also got a new corset today. I’ve had this gorgeous blue fabric for years, and I’ve always thought of it as the perfect shade of blue for Nyx. It’s also very smooth and luxurious, and they way it shines when light hits it is so beautiful~ But I’ve only had a really small piece of it, and I’ve been afraid of trying to make anything of it in case I screw up (which happens a lot, I don’t understand women’s body shape lol)… but now I had a chance to send the fabric to the talented Caracal and she made this beautiful corset for Nyx~ ♥

I have to make a skirt to accompany it and have a photoshoot with her. =u=

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