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Back in action

I returned home on Monday evening, but I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to do anything, haha. xD Yesterday I spend most of the day editing photos from my trip to the countryside, so I’m behind in updating this blog… but well, today I’m finally posting the photos that I took. There aren’t many, though, because the local bugs made my life hell, quite literally. -.-; It was nearly impossible to take photos of dolls, because the mosquitoes and black flies would eat me alive. And they would also fly in front of the camera and go sit on the dolls’ heads or faces — and even dig into their clothes. >_>;; It was quite annoying when the mosquitoes went under Apate’s lace hem, it was almost impossible to get them out again. I don’t understand their logic at all. Occasionally they would fly at the lens, too, so all I could see was black blur. :I Really not a fan of bugs… in the recent years there’s been more and more of them, it wasn’t nearly this bad when I was a child. >_>;;

But yeah, anyway. There were lots of Forget-me-nots, and I wanted to take photos of Apate among them. Sadly only two were decent enough to publish (thank you mosquitoes and stupid Withdoll legs! It’s impossible to get this girl to stand on uneven ground) and they’re quite similar, too… :S But well, what can you do.

I also had a small shoot with Mihail, because I don’t have proper photos of him with his new uniform. It ended up really short, because it started raining pretty soon. We had several thunderstorms during the second week, often more than one within a day too. But anyway, here is the complete photoshoot of Mihail:

He always looks so unimpressed, haha. xD

And an extra that I used as the featured image for this blog entry:

Now I can stay home for a while, but I’ll have to make another trip to the country for Midsummer. But I’m hoping to get some sewing and photography done before that. ^^

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