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Another new look

Posting some more Apate photos here that I took of her yesterday. I was lucky to buy this cute light blue tulle skirt from my friend Xaya for Apate and Riya to share. I was hoping it would match Apate’s new Mystery Blue wig… but haha, I hadn’t realised that it only looks more blue next to the other wigs that are more green – and by itself it’s like this light mint colour and not really blue at all lol. x’D But well, the skirt is cute anyway~ I only have black and white tulle, I wish I could find more in different colours… but ones they sell in shops here are often too stiff for making small scale clothes. ><;; But well, anyway, I took some quick photos - since Apate got new pumps from Withdoll too. ^^ Luckily I was able to get them in white, black would've been too dark for her haha.

I also took a photo of her and Moros while the sun was setting:

And the day before I took one portrait of Momus:

I keep having trouble with him… his wig is problematic and somehow his head looks huge all the time. Moros’ head is huge, too, but somehow it doesn’t bother me quite as much – probably because he has a wispy hairstyle, the headgear and horns, and well his wig covers half of his face, too – but with Momus it’s just so glaringly obvious… I’m leaning towards selling him, I would just have to take sales photos of him… but I suppose if I can’t get him sold soon, I’ll give him another chance. With Dollshe removing the layaway option completely, I have trouble collecting enough money for a pale tan SA Hound… so selling Momus is very tempting because I’d have half of what I need then, and the rest would be easier to collect after that… I feel bad, but somehow he’s just not working and I don’t feel like doing much with him. While Moros and Apate I like a lot… in general I don’t like my fantasy dolls quite as much as my human dolls. I’m not very good with fantasy characters and worlds. :S

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