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A little break

I’ll be taking a little break from posting photos ’cause I’m currently at my parents’ place in the countryside and I don’t have a way of editing and uploading photos here. I only have a desktop computer (I couldn’t survive with just a laptop, nope, and I can’t afford both) so I can’t exactly drag it around with me, haha. xD But yeah, I do have my camera and Mihail, Apate and Kei with me, so I will be taking photos and edit + upload them once I get back home. :3

But yeah, I’ll be going back home on the 3rd week of June, so I’ll be spending about two weeks here. I’m planning to do some sewing, too, so I shall be making an update to my Etsy shop by the end of June. I’ll be posting more info about that later when I get back home.

Here’s one photo of Yun that I took before I left:

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