Momoko & Ruruko

Since this blog is no longer just about BJDs, I figured I could babble about all kinds of dolls that I’m interested in in general. Even if I only have BJDs and Pureneemos for now, I do want to collect some other types of dolls too in the future~ So, I thought that I’d talk a bit about Momoko and Ruruko dolls, manufactured by Sekiguchi/PetWORKs. I haven’t looked that much into detail about the company, but either Sekiguchi or Petworks or both are often tagged on these dolls, so… Sekiguchi/Petworks it is. xD

Momokos have interested me for a few years now, but Rurukos I only discovered last year when I started hunting down Pureneemos. I have some dolls on my wishlist that I like, but with Momokos and Rurukos it’s not as easy for me to fall in love with them… they rarely have the kind of hair, face and outfit combo that I like, ahah. xD;; I’m quite picky I guess… and I tend to fall more for brunettes or red haired girls, idk what’s up with that.

Today I actually spotted a new Momoko that has a really nice face, hair AND outfit. Thus, I was inspired to make this entry. The particular doll that I mean is this Orange Chocolat version. Her hair reminds me of Mi Cha, haha. xD And that outfit is really cute, too… a while back I was really tempted by this Dancing with Kittens version – need I even say why? KITTY PRINT DRESS! ;^; ♥ I was tempted to order her, but I was paying a bazillion BJD layaways and neemos last year, so… poor Momoko didn’t make it here. I’m really tempted by that new Orange Chocolat one, though… I’ll have to see if there are still a few available by the end of February if I could bring one home. It’d be lovely to get a Momoko of my own~

Some other Momokos that I like a lot are, for example: Beautiful Lines, this black-haired kimono beauty, Darling Denim Angel, Happy Summer Guaranteed, this Wake Up girl, So Cute Marine, Dolly Dot, Groovy Baby… to start with, ahah. :’D I’m sure you can see a pattern with those. I might not necessarily want ALL of those, but those are options that I’d consider buying one day.

However, I tend to have a “grail” item among every… uhh, series of things that I collect. Like I had a grail BJD and I also have a grail figure… my grail Azone doll was Usagi-san Miu. So, naturally I also have a grail Momoko that I want above all others. It’s the Mary Magdalene version. ;__; ♥ Does it surprise anyone that she has icy blue eyes, lol? But in all seriousness, I looooove her hair and her outfit is to DIE FOR. She’s just the perfect package!! T__T Ugh, I so want her one day, but… she’s hard to find and expensive. A while ago I saw one on eBay for 400+ euros. 8) Whee! I don’t know why I’m always unlucky to fall for the rarest and most expensive dolls, lol. xD But someday I shall have her… yes. ♥ What’s unlucky that they had a 2nd batch order for her at the end of 2013, BUT I only started seriously considering Pureneemos and Momokos in spring 2014. So I missed out on that chance by a few months, hahaha. Oh well…

But yeah, that’s about Momokos for now… moving onto Rurukos. They have Azone bodies so they interest me quite a bit – but they also tend to be more expensive than Azones, so I didn’t end up ordering Yumemiru Ruruko a while back. But it looks like there will be a second ordering period for her later this year, so I’ll have to see how I feel about her then. Mostly I tend to like brunette Rurukos, though. xD Like, this Komorebi Cocoa version is sooooo adorable! Her cute bob cut and brown eyes just kill me with cute~ ♥ And I adore the outfit too. :3 It seems like there will be a release of Ruruko with a really cute kimono this year as well… she’s brunette, so she may well end up on my wishlist. xD I’d just like to see a few more photos first.

We’ll see if I end up getting a Momoko or a Ruruko this year… or one of each. :’D That is a possibility, ahem. But there are also those incoming gorgeous neemo releases this year… and for now neemos trump everything else, lol. But you never know, the year is only getting started, uh-oh… >_>;;


  • Heather

    I actually had a Ruruko for a little while, but discovered I’m really more of a Pure Neemo gal. A lot of people really love her… often the people who are bothered by the flatness of Pure Neemo faces think Ruruko is the best thing ever.

    I don’t know if they’ve evolved them, but I’ve seen a few of the older Momokos in person, and was not a fan of their bodies. They can also have really hard, ratty hair (I’m thinking specifically of one that had white crimped hair and very light eyes/makeup that came out last year)… a friend of mine got her and while she looked great in pictures, she was a bit of a disappointment in person.

    I admit though, whenever I see all the doll fashions on Momokos, I want one, they’re so elegant looking, and they make me want to set up entire tiny rooms for them. XD

    • mizya

      Haha, I find the thought of owning many different types of dolls fun. xD Of course BJDs and Pureneemos are still my #1 choices and I don’t have the same kind of need to hoard other dolls (so far anyway *knocks on wood*), but it would be nice to have a couple of others as well. :3 So that’s why I’m curious about Momoko, Ruruko and Pullips too. But we’ll see what happens!

      Also, one reason why I want different types of dolls is because I like sewing doll clothes, so it would be interesting to have different doll bodies to work with. I’ve been told that if I sewed clothes for Momokos and Pullips, there would be people interested in buying them. xD So owning those dolls would also benefit me in making some hobby money towards BJDs and neemos~ ♥

      • Heather

        Blythe too, if you haven’t considered them, in terms of getting one to make clothes for selling!

        I totally hear ya! As someone who is mediocre at sewing clothes for dolls, I tend to look at bodies in terms of poseability for photos XD
        (Which, btw, Unoa Lights, if you haven’t checked them out, have amazing little bodies!)

        • mizya

          Yeah, Blythes are super popular but… I don’t really like them. xD;;; Pullips have super cute faces but Blythes weird me out for the most part. There are some relatively cute ones, but… yeah, I wouldn’t want one myself. :D;; I saw a lot of Blythes when I was in Thailand and they didn’t spark any interest in me then either. So yeah, no Blythes for me. xD Some owners do replace their bodies with Azone’s so I can cater to those Blythe owners at least, haha.

          And Unoa Lights I do know about, but I’ve never been a fan of the bigger resin Unoas so I doubt I’ll want those either. xD There’s something about their faces that doesn’t appeal to me, I can’t quite put my finger on it…

          • Heather

            Oh, I hear you on both counts… I don’t like Blythe all that much either… I really enjoy looking at other people’s creative pics of them, and I love that their clothes, for the most part, fit Pure Neemo girls… but their heads are so weirdly flat, mine has been in a box for ages (I got it through a trade, because I thought, “Oh, this would be good to have so I can sew for her”…I should really start doing that, or sell her).

            Unoa Lights, I agree, there’s something about their faces that just bothers me… I always think they look a bit derpy… I’ve been tempted to take the head off mine and sell it, and see if any other doll head will work on that body, because they have such great doll bodies!!!

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