Snowy cliffs

Enjoying my last days of freedom until I have to leave for my parents’ place where I’ll be around two weeks without my computer so I won’t be able to edit any photos. *sobsob* I’m really precise about my screen settings so mom’s laptop is a no-no for editing, all my photos look horrible when edited on it lol. xD But yeah, anyway, I took Link out for a quick shoot… only it was really dark and windy as hell so I didn’t get that many photos.

Also, I should’ve checked how exactly to attach his shield beforehand, my fingers froze when I was trying to figure it out in the cold. x__x The only reason why I dislike the figmas’ small size is because putting all those tiny parts apart and then back together is a pain lol. xD

But yeah, Link explored the snowy cliffs. o/ Dunno if there’s a snowy place in Skyward Sword, I still haven’t finished that damned game… I’ve been stuck in the sand-pyramid-place-thingy for aaaages. I’m gonna have my brother help me out this Christmas so that I can hope to finish the game someday. -__-

Anyway, here are the photos:

Luckily there weren’t that many photos, because photoshopping these was hell. :’D They were all dark and blue, ahah… stupid gloomy weather ugh. Wanna bet the best photography weather will be during the two weeks that I’ll be away from home? -__-

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