Long wait rewarded

By this time of year we already have more daylight so with morning arrivals I can get box opening photos in natural light… but this time I only have ugly photos to show because our PO sucks and I’m only able to pick up packages that are classified as maxi letters after 6pm. If she’d been available for pick up already last night, I couldn’t waited until this morning to pick her up and open her when it’s light out, but the customs/postal service was super slow… I paid the customs fees already on Monday and yet it took this long to get her from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. -__-*

But yeah, she took forever to get to me to begin with, thus the impatience. I had already given up hope completely and thought she was lost in the mail… but when I received a letter from the customs office on Monday saying I have a package from Hobby Search, so I knew it had to be her!! ;A; ♥ PHEW! @__@;;; A HUGE weight off my shoulders…

The arrival in question is Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Kusanagi Motoko figma by Max Factory. ♥ Here are a couple of BO photos:

There’s also my neemo clothing order from Amiami as well as a set of neemo hands from eBay. Got tired of waiting for Azone to re-release the C-set, so I caved and bought it for, like, three times more expensive on eBay. -__-
Figma box and the other stuff. Originally I’d only ordered the cape and coat, but then ended up adding more as the damn zouris delayed my order… and I STILL didn’t get the zouris. I’m really losing my patience with those, grrr!
But this BO is about Motoko, so neemo stuff aside! I managed to fail the focus in all of the box shots. “”orz
Everything fell out when I removed the top plastic so I tried to put them back, lol. xD Not sure if they’re accurately placed but oh well.
Then off-the-carpet photo because she camouflaged into it. >_>;; The second set of boobs made me giggle. xD Yes, I’m childish… “””oTL But I love her~ ♥
Then I moved onto the kitchen table for a slightly better lighting. Motoko doesn’t have any heavy bigass weapons so she stands by herself pretty nicely. x3 And maybe her boobs help balancing her too, lol! Ahhh, my gorgeous major!! *____* ♥

Ghost in the Shell is one of my favourite animes ever (it’s one of those series that my brother introduced to me and that we’re both huge fans of) so when I saw that they were gonna release this badass figma of Kusanagi Motoko, I HAD to pre-order her. She’s one badass lady and she’s also voiced by my goddess Tanaka Atsuko~ ♥ She’s so awesome! I can’t wait to take some kickass shots of her, uhuhu~ *____* ♥

Sooo relieved I finally got her! First her release got delayed from December until January, and then there was that LONG mail adventure. But she’s here now and I’m extremely pleased with her!! *fangirl squeal* ♥ ♥ ♥

Here’s a test shot that I uploaded to flickr:

Stand Alone


    • mizya

      It is! *___* I really love the series, I should rewatch it again! And other classics, like Cowboy Bebop~ ♥ Anime these days just isn’t the same… there are a lot of series that have really boring plots and stereotypical characters. -.-;; Luckily every once in a while there’s something interesting… but the majority of new series seems to be just pointless harem anime (there’s always some clueless dude as the protagonist and then a bunch of tsundere girls fight over him and he can’t understand why the girls are so hostile towards each other *eyeroll*) or “cute girls doing cute things in a really cute way” (for example, K-ON! frustrated me so much, because I thought it would be an anime about girls who start a band but instead they just had tea and ate cake 90% of the time) and I can’t get into either genre. xD
      I never really planned to buy so many clothes because basically I could make them myself… but they’re so cute. >.>;; I sure hope those damn zouris get released finally next week, so I won’t add any more clothes into my order! xD I did buy a couple of Picconeemo D dresses in storage, in case I get a Lil’ Fairy at some point, oops. >.>;;;

      • Heather

        It’s not a bad idea to have the little stock pile of Picco Neemo stuff, because you sure don’t want to buy it at second hand prices! XD

        Yeah… I used to avidly watch anime, and I just haven’t in a long time. I should rewatch Cowboy Bebop too… XD
        I’ve watched some of Attack on Titan, which was fun… and I’ve watched Madoka… that’s about it for anything even remotely current that I’ve watched.

        I tried to watch Sword Art Online… couldn’t take it.

        Although I have to admit, I did include something from a manga that is cute for the sake of being cute in your trade package. I will leave that comment very vague, and you’ll have to wonder what little horrible thing is heading your way XD

        • mizya

          Finally someone who doesn’t think Sword Art Online is the best thing ever! \o/ I thought me and my brother were the only ones to dislike it, haha. xD I only managed to watch the first ten minutes of it or so… ugh. Not my cup of tea at all. And then it got a second season right away, while actually good anime either gets a really dumb and rushed ending and never continues, or you have to wait 5 years for more. x__x Tokyo Ghoul is probably the next SAO, I somehow managed to watch the first season… although, by the end of it I thought they’d just have started it from the last episode, because the only interesting thing happened during the last 5 minutes of the final episode. :’D I have’t managed to watch the second season, though, maybe one day if I’m bored enough…

          Ohh, I wonder what this mysterious cute thing is! xD Sadly it seems to be taking ridiculously long for your part of the trade to arrive, although I paid for priority shipping, which is supposed to be the fastest. >__< I need to complain to the postal service because I've never had a registered priority letter take this long to get anywhere, grrr. :C

  • Valneanne

    Oh Ghost in the Shell! It’s on my list of recommendations, a list that’s waaay too long (and then there’s my book list, my games list and my tv-show list… I need 48 hours in a day!) and I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I hopefully will one of these days. I’ve just been on a massive romance craving as of late (who am I kidding, I’m always craving romance, I just sometimes venture out and look at other stuff xD).

    She looks pretty awesome though! But wow, those boobs! I can’t say I envy her those!

    And lots of awesome Azone stuff too! I keep meaning to get some stuff together on Amiami, I just… Keep not doing it? XD I really should get my arse in gear though, as there’s some stuff right now that I’d like and be miffed about if I don’t get :P

    • mizya

      I can definitely recommend Ghost in the Shell! It’s pure awesome~ ♥ It has many fabulous voice actors who I adore, too. xD You don’t get to hear the old-school seiyuus that much in anime these days, they only hire those pretty-faced idol-like newbies. -__- I am very bitter about this, lol!

      But yeah, I also have a mountain of anime, tv series and movies to watch as well as books and manga to read. Reading is especially dangerous for me, because I tend to get so into it that I won’t move an inch until I’ve finished. xD Not very good if I should be writing essays or preparing for exams, ahah… That’s why I mostly do reading during the summer. xD I’ve read so many dull books as school assignments now that I’ve fallen a bit out of love with books, though… I should find something really nice to rekindle my love for reading. Or then I’ll just re-read some of my favourites by Jane Austen, haha~ ♥

      Yeah, the second-hand prices for the neemo clothes are no joke. -__- I’m so used to being able to get whatever I want (almost) whenever I want with Korean dolls and accessories, but with Japanese dolls… it’s a completely different world! There are only certain short pre-orders and if you miss out – too bad! Then you have to pay three times as much on the second hand market if you want something… damn scalpers. -__- That’s why I’m always in trouble with the Azone clothes pre-orders, because I REALLY don’t want to try and hunt down stuff later for ridiculous prices. >.>;

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