A Hero’s entrance

What’s better than one box opening? Another one! :D Finally my packages from Japan arrived. They’ve been in limbo for 5-6 weeks. They’re all from different companies and shipped on different days — one a week later — and yet they all arrived on the same day, lol. xD But thankfully nothing got lost.

Let’s see what’s in them, shall we?

The Rilakkuma kotatsu is from HLJ, Re-ment table & pose skeleton sets from Amiami and finally the Link figma from HS. :3
I’m only documenting Link’s unboxing ’cause props aren’t that interesting, lol. xD
I failed the photos from the front of the box, but… here’s the backside ??? :D
As a nerd I immediately noticed the logo on the inside of the box, after I’d removed Link from it. Uhuhuhu~
Link and his stuff… I hate those plastic things they’re packed in. x’D
Fully unboxed. :3 I had to put the sword effect to support his optional faceplate as it wouldn’t stay looking up because of the long hylian ears, lol.
Link says hi! :D
Ofc I had to compare him to Levi (sorry about the stand I was lazy). He looks like a slender shoujo manga character in comparison, lmao! x’D Also he’s taller than Link, he must be pleased… he’s the one who should be the midget. /shot

Waaa, I’m so happy that I finally got my stuff! The Re-ment table and Kotatsu are of course for my Azones and the pose skeleton sets for my future nendoroid Hinata. :3 But I’m definitely really happy about Link, the fangirl in me is very pleased, haha! xD I can’t wait to photograph him~ *___* ♥ So far it seems like we MIGHT get some dry and cold weather this weekend (hopefully at least frost if not proper snow) so I should be able to take him out for photos then~ Yaaaay!!! I’ve lived Christmas several times this month, lmao. x’D

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