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Small DD girls gathering

I have older photoshoots to re-size and edit, but I know if I don’t edit these now they will end up on that endless list of backlogged photos, ahah…

But yeah, Yenna visited yesterday with two of her DD girls, Kiyori and Sayaka~ (。’▽’。)♡ I was especially excited to see Kiyori, DD Kirika, with her gorgeous dress and lovely elf ears. She’s sooo pretty and omg that outfit~ (/∇\*)。o○♡ I’m so sad that Kirika and Mariko were in the same lottery, I would’ve liked to enter for Kirika as well but couldn’t afford both (not to mention, there was no guarantee I’d be able to win the right to buy both). But at least I get to admire Yenna’s lovely Kiyori, even if I never get one of my own~ (♡ >ω< ♡)

We spent most of the time swooning over Kiyori and then it got so dark that we didn’t really get any nice photos of the other girls anymore, ahah… Photographing with Yenna is handy because she poses the dolls all wonderfully and I can just snap photos, lol.( ´∀`)

Kiyo borrowed Emi’s eyes and since Yenna said she wants lovely turquoise colour for her, I adjusted the colour in Photoshop. Emi’s eyes are quite deep blue, being Sapphire blue ‘n’ all… turquoise eyes would definitely suit Kiyo!(*´▽`*)♥

Here are a couple of photos that I took of Kiyori:

Nyx’s starry sky backdrop fabric was really perfect for Kiyo as well~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I like Kirika’s outfit better with the longer skirt, although this short skirt is cute, it’s somehow a bit too schoolgirl-like… fantasy schoolgirl, lol! (´艸`〃) But it was better for this pose because it exposes her legs. Yenna came up with a really interesting way to make her sleeves and hair float to make the pose more dynamic, haha~ 
Because it got so dark, the other girls only got to be in group shots, ahah. Megu-tan got to borrow Yuyu’s Lizanna Moonlight eyes and looked so moe~ (人´ω`*)♡ Can’t wait to get her a pair of her own!! I photoshopped the colour from gray to pink, though.


And finally some extras:

Sayaka is such a sassy oneesan~


Megu-tan is enthralled, lol~ (●´艸`)

And one more extra, taken quickly before Yenna left:

Mariko elf!! The ears actually don’t fit her at all, but you can cover that a little with a wig… Mariko would make such a cute elf, though~ If Volks ever released an elf line of the Akihabara girls, my wallet would be in grave danger! ((´∀`;))

I definitely had a lot of fun yesterday~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


  • Irene

    I love all of these girls – I hope I can resist ordering another DD for a while! ToT sooo pricey!
    I agree, I think they should release more elf-eared girls, or at least release some ear optional parts for DDs!

    • mizya

      The downside to loving DDs is the aftermarket prices. :C It’s a shame that Japanese people are so into the whole limited item thing, so the prices can get really ridiculous… there are a bunch of people who take advantage of that for easy profit. I only recently learned that there’s this thing called “lottery farming”, where some people can make even up to 40 fake accounts to win a doll from the lottery! Insane! @__@;;; It really isn’t right, especially when there are a lot of people who genuinely want those dolls…

      Optional elf ears would be amazing! *A* Here’s to hoping Volks realised that Kirika was quite popular, so that they’d release more elven maidens!

  • Alasse Carnesir

    Gorgeous photos. Kiyori looks very angelic in those shots and the other girls all have such distinct personalities.

    Those elf ears, they are really nice. I love how they have been shaped and they do look very cute on Mariko.

    • mizya

      Thank you! :3

      Yeah, I really love the sculpting of the ears. I love long and droopy elf ears, so these are just perfect! I think that there are elf ears by Parabox (or Obitsu? Or both?) that people have used for their DDs, but those are shorter and more upwards pointy, so they don’t look nearly as nice in my eyes. Volks, please release more elves!! xD

  • Kaitlin

    You did such a great job on Mariko’s faceup, it suits her much more than her default one. Yoo bad the elf ears don’t fit her. ;; I love Sayaka! She’s got such personality >w<

    • mizya

      Thank you~ ^^ Volks probably made Kirika’s human ears really small on purpose so that the elf ears only fit her… but perhaps someday they’ll release optional elf ears that are more universally sized and could fit the other girls as well? Here’s to hoping…

  • starobots

    Ugghhhh Mariko whyyyyyyyy ;00000; She’s so adorable!! I love the elf ears on her they’re so cute. XD <3 <3 I'm also super jealous of your girls' style, particularly their shoes. D: So much beautiful. <3 I need to get proper shoes, eyes and wig for my DD.

    • mizya

      Haha, isn’t she? XD ♥ Every time I look at her, I go all “awwwww~ ;u; ♥ ♥ ♥”

      SD16 shoes have been tempting me for years but I never had anyone who could wear them… I didn’t get heel feet with Nyx and those would’ve been too small anyway. Now this year I got my DD girls and big Yun, so suddenly I have girls to wear all the shoes, yaaay!! … although, it’s not so yay in terms of money loss, lol! XD Darn shoes are so expensive… but so pretty!

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