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Moving sale

I’ll be moving very soon, so I’m gonna try my luck and see if I can get some stuff out of the way. I do have the separate “sales” page, but I figured making a blog entry would give more visibility. I’ll just get to the point instead of rambling, for once, haha.

Volks DD Megurine Luka eyes, acrylic 22mm

Beautiful dark blue acrylic eyes that arrived with Megurine Luka doll (the doll was bought second hand). There’s some hot glue residue, but otherwise they’re in good condition.
Price: 20€ + shipping

Withdoll Junior Ruby head (White skin)

Additional photos: 1 & 2
Shop photos
I’m the first owner of this head, it arrived to me in October 2014. The head has a face up by me which is in okay condition, however the eyelashes on the left upper lid are slightly bent. I couldn’t find the Certificate of Authenticity, however I do have box opening photos (the head arrived with my Elf Hunter Emma doll directly from Withdoll). The resin is Withdoll’s paper white, but the face has been blushed quite heavily to match Supiadoll’s peachy white skin. There is some yellowing to the head.
Price: 45€ + shipping

Withdoll Senior Margery and Cecily heads (Gray skin)

Margery: 1, 2 & shop photos
Cecily: 1, 2 & shop photos
I am the first owner of both of these heads, they arrived in May 2015. The heads are prototypes, so I never received a Certificate of Authenticity with them (later on I bought an Adriana head to replace these two). Margery has never been painted. Cecily has a face up by me and the ceating has some scratches on the right cheek, but otherwise the face up is in okay condition.
Both heads 80€ + shipping
only Margery 40€ + shipping
only Cecily 55€ + shipping

Other stuff from the “Sales” page:

Doll items for sale

I am located in Finland (EU).
Payment via PayPal (no additional fees), bank transfer available for Finns.
You can contact me via email: miiza.u[at] 
I am a member at the international ABJD forum, Den of Angels, as well as the Finnish forum, Hartsilapset. In both forums my nickname is “Mizya” and I have feedback threads: DoA & HL
I also have feedback on eBay and Etsy

Prices are negotiable if you buy more than one item! Email me and we’ll talk! :3


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