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Well, I ended up making a new post after all.

So… the mysterious arrival that I talked about in the last entry is… my first Dollfie Dream! Yaaaay!! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ ♥ ♥ ♥ … well, actually I’d be able to have another complete doll if I bought another body, whoops. (ーー;) I was collecting Semi-White parts first, but then I noticed that there are more WS than SW bodies around… so then I had to buy a WS head and hands, too, in order to get at least ONE complete doll… and while I was hunting the parts and planning my girl’s look, I had trouble deciding on one look… so then when I had to buy another head anyway, I thought I might as well have twins! (✧∇✧)╯ One with a more cheerful expression, and another with a shy look. I really love the DDH-06 head anyway, so I’m more than happy to have two of them, haha~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Getting one of these dolls isn’t a dream, though, unless you’re prepared to shell out A LOT of money (and it’s also easier to buy one of the fullset character dolls than hunt down these basic parts separately, really) – which I wasn’t, ahah… (;´∀`) I’ve been hunting down parts from three different places. eBay especially is insane with the prices, ughh… So I got a semi-white DDH-06 head from Y!J, a white skin body from Mandarake (I actually bought the Pureneemo Maya Heartful Kiss because I was able to have them shipped together) and the rest of the parts are from Volks… and I had to make two orders to Volks, because first I only got semi-white hands from them, but then later on I needed to re-buy everything in white ’cause I was only able to get a white body. ( ̄□ ̄) But well, now I have one complete doll at least. There isn’t that much difference between white and semi-white in photos, so once I get around paiting the other head, I can photograph both of the twins… just not together for now. But that’s okay. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

The one I photographed earlier was the semi-white head with a Volks face up… I suppose it was the 2011 version. Volks doesn’t have pretty much anything semi-white in stock, and I wasn’t able to find any blank semi-white heads on Y!J so I bought this one first. I was also a bit afraid that I wouldn’t be able to paint her myself because I don’t have any acrylics (well, I had some cheap ones which turned out to be all dried up, thus unusable lol), so it was kinda reassuring to get a face up… although, when I got it home, I wasn’t a huge fan of it after all, because it was so harsh. ~( ´•︵•` )~ With BJDs I’m used to soft pastel face ups, so… well, then I had to buy a white skin head and it came blank, so I had to try painting it myself. But luckily pastels worked just fine, phew! (・∀・;)

Older twin Emiko, still with the Volks face up. This long blonde wig is the only one that suits them out of the wigs that I have in this size… I mainly have blue and gray wigs for Nyx and nothing else. (;´Д`) Both twins are supposed to be brunettes, but I need to sell some stuff before I can afford to buy new wigs. >.>;

I decided that the semi-white head shall be Emiko, who is the older twin and has a more cheerful and outgoing personality. Because I wanted the younger twin to be more shy, a little introverted… so I thought that a lighter skin tone would work better for her. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) The younger twin is called Umeko, and she is the one who I painted first. I’ve never done an anime style face up before, so it was quite exciting and fun. It turned out pretty well considering it was my first try, I think… Although, I screwed up her eyeshape a bit ’cause I got too carried away painting eyeliner on her upper lids, but… she’s still cute. Maybe at some point I’ll re-do her face if it starts bugging me too much.

Emiko’s head with the Volks face up vs. WIP Umeko with face up by me. I made a few more finishing touches after this. The Volks face up is so harsh and simplistic… I love to add a lot of blush, as you can see, ahah… ( ´∀`)
And a photo of the complete face up.

I took a couple of photos of Ume today:

The blonde wig is really strange because I’d want her to have dark brown hair, haha. ( ´∀`) I bought one cheap wig from eBay but it’s too much of a medium brown to suit Ume. Hopefully I can buy her a better wig soon~ ♥

… I feel like I’ve been writing forever and I’ve probably forgotten something but right now I’m too tired to think any more. (ノ_ _)ノ Hmm, maybe I’ll talk about the twins’ personalities in more detail later. When I have better photos to post… and Emi has a face up that matches her sister’s. Bottom line is: I’m so happy to finally have a Dollfie Dream!(*´▽`*)♥ I only wish I’d already got one four or five years ago when was the last time that I had proper DD fever, haha… but well, better late than never. Especially now that I’ve been buying neemos, getting a DD seemed like a natural next step. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ♥

Too bad the Finnish BJD forum doesn’t allow DDs anymore… when I joined it in 2005, DDs were just as welcome as resin dolls (and that’s how I first learned about them and thought that I’d want one of my own someday). I only realised last year (when I got my first neemos) that DDs aren’t on-topic on the forum anymore. Bahh. No wonder I haven’t seen these cuties around in years! Well, sure, they aren’t proper BJDs anymore since they’re not strung, but… stilllll! (´;д;`) “The good old days” are long gone…

Now when I go to a con, I’ll have a big and light enough mascot to take with me, lmao! Well, I’m actually making a small trip to Helsinki next month because my brother got a new apartment, so I’ll go visit him~ (*^▽^*) Hopefully I’ll find some lovely places for doll photography there!


  • Fantasywoods

    Hehe I was suspecting it was a DD :p

    I really like the face up you did, it’s much prettier than the other imo, I also prefer softer looks (plus it has more detail).


    • mizya

      Haha, am I that predictable? xD

      Thank you so much! :3 It was a lot of fun to paint her! Hopefully the other twin’s face up will turn out nicely as well~ ♥

        • mizya

          Yeah, it seemed like a good time to get a DD, especially after I’ve enjoyed my little Azones so much. :3 I hope that DDs won’t multiply at the same speed as neemos, though, they’re a bit more pricey, lol! XD

          With resin dolls I don’t like the bigger ones that much, but DDs are such an adorable size! And so light~ ♥ I can’t wait until summer, I’ll take her everywhere with me for photos, haha. xD My bigger resin dolls I rarely drag outside because they’re so heavy and I have to be super careful with them so that they don’t break. =.=;;;

  • Tiinyan

    Onnittelut tupla Deestä! Umeko on niin nätti ;_; <3 Innolla odottelen, miltä mahtaa Emiko lopullisesti näyttääkään… :3
    Kyllä kannatti metsästys ^u^

    • mizya

      Kiitos! ;u; Viimein on tämäkin unelma toteutettu! ♥ … tai no, se sitten samalla tuplaantui, mutta eipä tuo haittaa! :’D

      Emikosta (toivottavasti – en vielä luota maalaustaitoihini kun vasta yksi tällainen meikki plakkarissa haha) tulee suht samannäköinen kuin siskostaan, mutta hymyilevä. On vähän pirteämpi persoona. xD Vielä kun molemmille saisi omanlaisensa peruukit, niin olisin aika tyytyväinen!

      Vaikka kovasti tuo pitkä blondi peruukki yrittää söpöltä näyttää, mutta siinä on kauhea huoltaminen kun on niin pitkä (ja sähköistuu jatkuvasti). :’D Mutta varmaan jatkossakin joissain yksittäisissä kuvissa sitä tulen pitämään tytöillä~

    • mizya

      Hih, kiitos! ^^ Mielelläni kyllä osallistuisin joskus Dollfie Dream miittiin! Olisi mukava tavata muita harrastajia ja nähdä nukkeja livenä~ ♥

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