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After years of dreaming

… Grown up!Yun is finally here! \o/ Well, she didn’t really take that long to arrive after I’d ordered her, but I dreamed about ordering her for years, haha. xD As I wrote earlier in the post about her shoes, I didn’t expect her to ship until, like, late April at the earliest. So I was super shocked when I received an email from Twiggy on the 19th, saying that my doll will be shipped out soon and she gave me the tracking number! O__O The package left China on the 23rd and arrived in Finland already last week’s Friday, so it only took her about 4 days to travel! Usually EMS from China takes at least a week, so I was really surprised. The Finnish postal service’s website hasn’t been working well for over a week and on Friday it quickly stopped working after I’d learned that she’s in Finland and that they’d moved the package somewhere… but then the website went down and I was like ???? where did you take her, I want to know!!!??? I had to wait until, like, Saturday afternoon before the tracking page worked again and I checked the tracking… she’d skipped customs and gone straight to sorting, on Friday evening even! Wow! O__O

Photo © Oasisdoll
Here’s a company photo of Linglan, in case someone isn’t familiar with the company.

Today I was a little nervous about her arrival, ’cause I had an early morning and wouldn’t be home again until around noon… they usually deliver EMS packages to me between 7:30-9:00 am. But the tracking didn’t work – surprise! not – so I had no clue whether they’re gonna bring her at all, let alone around what time. Soo then around noon I was home again and the damn tracking finally started working, and I saw this:

Disturbance in postal transport – unfortunately, delivery may be delayed.
Registration:30.3.2015 08:55:11

I was like, the heck??? It’s been snowing since morning, so there were track marks on our yard and I thought that maybe the postman had already come while I wasn’t home… although, usually they put something like “Delivery attempt made, but the recipient was not reached.” and they also may put that they’ll make another delivery attempt later… so I was quite confused. But I was pretty sure that the mailman wouldn’t come again and that I would have to go and pick her up from the post office.

But, around 12:15 I get a phonecall, and it’s the mailman. He says that he has a package for me, so I went to meet him at the door. Then he tells me that he couldn’t come at all in the morning because he had a flat tire, and he had to wait forever for the car service people to bring him a new one, so he was only making his rounds now. PHEW! I told him that it was a good thing that he only came now, because I wasn’t at home in the morning. xD So, I got my package after all, haha! Thankfully, because I wasn’t too keen about cycling to the PO in the wind and snow to pick up a 3kg+ package. x__x Well, the package didn’t turn out to be super huge after all (compared to, say, Souldoll’s gigantic boxes – those are ridiculous), but anyway… EMS from China is super expensive, so I’m happy that I get the packages to my door because I’ve paid for the full service, lol!

But yeah, I took some BO photos… they’re not the best because I was super excited and the focus was all over the place, but… xD

WARNING! NAKED RESIN LADY AHEAD! Not safe for work, ahah. xD;;

This is seriously the strangest package that I’ve ever received. The mystery of why it skipped customs was revealed when I took a look at the EMS slip…
Mr Y, may I ask what you were doing? Seriously, if I worked at customs, I’d think it’s PRETTY DAMN WEIRD that it doesn’t even state what’s in the box nor its value??? I don’t think you could ever send a package without that info here in Finland… don’t the Chinese PO workers check the packages at all? So strange…
And then it says “body” on the side of the box??? xD Oh well, better for me… but I still find this strange!
And then I open the shipping box… this has got to be the saddest BJD box that I’ve ever received. :’D Just plain white cardbroad and no logo or anything?
Yeah, just all white. xD; And it was a little dirty too, poor box!
Whoops, she’s the wrong way around! There was a thick piece of foam on top, you can see it leaning on the box lid.
… and thakfully there was that foam, because those beautiful long nail hands weren’t packaged all that well. I would’ve been super devastated if they’d been broken! I was pretty surprised that I also got fist hands with her, maybe I’ve read that somewhere but I no longer remembered it. I always like if more than one pair of hands is included in the basic set, because it’s nice to be able to change them. :3 Some companies have really high prices for the extra parts…
High heel feet and the pretty hands! Also, there were two pairs of extra s-hooks taped on the bubblewrap, yay. :3 Those hands are ridiculously pretty!
She came strung very loosely and the strings themselves were really crappy, too… they stretched waaaay too much so she couldn’t really hold poses. ^^; But GOSH do I love this body! It’s beautiful and has lovely joints, she poses very naturally and is effortless to handle! Definitely my new favourite BJD female body!! ♥
Beautiful smiling face!! I just love the Linglan sculpt~ She’s perfect for my Yun! ♥ ♥ ♥
I had to take some more photos of the hands because prettyyyyy! ♥ I also wonder if her nails had been glossed because they seem somehow glossy & shiny. Her resin is very matte and all nice & heavy. :3
I love the shape of the hands and the detail on them so much~
Then I tried some eyes in her to find out what’s her size… I don’t really trust recommendations because I’m super picky about eye sizes, I don’t like if they’re too small and make the doll starey. Thankfully ED 16mm has the perfect size iris for her! And this colour isn’t too far from what she’s supposed to have, perhaps a bit too dark and not red enough, but they’ll do for now. I can concentrate on getting her a wig first, yay~ :3
This is her when she sees cute bunnies. xD Eeeehh~! I love how well her elbow and wrist joints work, I’m sure that she’ll be very expressive once I get her face up done! ♥

I’m super happy with her, she’s sooo gorgeous! *_____* ♥ I totally love her body and her jointing is simple, but pretty and it actually WORKS (unlike some super “innovative” joints that don’t work at all *cough*Iplehouse*cough*). I’m also thankful that the Oasisdoll girl body has a waist joint and no under-boob-joint. I just don’t like those chest joints at all, they do not look nice and they don’t work. I’m all for natural posing, and boob joints go against human anatomy – I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: PEOPLE DO NOT BEND AT THEIR RIBS. People bend at their WAIST, UNDER the ribcage. I want to send all the dolls that have chest joints to the hospital, lmao. I just think their ribs got broken and they’re in danger of puncturing their lungs. :’D;;; I wish sculptors reviewed human anatomy, I don’t like this trend at all.

But yeah, in addition to lovely joints, that body is also beautiful! She has actual hips and a bum!!! T__T ♥ So many female dolls have non-existent hips, okay, Korean girls don’t usually have very wide hips BUT since they also make these huuuuge silicone boobs for dolls and western faces… how about adapt the rest of western body types too??? Give ’em girls some thighs, hips and bum! I also like that the Oasisdoll Chic girl body isn’t super thin at the waist, her propotions are really nice to me. Yun’s a voluptuous girl, she has big boobs and wide hips and she isn’t skinny by all means… so this body is pretty much perfect. Well, the boobs could be a liiiiittle bit bigger, but… I suppose the two doll shells compensate each other ’cause mini!Yun has the perfect big boobs but no hips and bum, and now big!Yun has wide hips and a full bum but smaller boobs, haha~

And also! One more thing that I want to mention: HER SHOULDERS! She actually has shoulders! ♥ I love a hourglass type of body the most and maaany many many female dolls have super narrow shoulders, which often also makes them look bobbleheaded. The newer IT type Oasisdoll girl body also is smaller all around and has narrower shoulders, so the bigger heads like Linglan look bobbleheaded on that body. But this Chic body? No problem! The shoulders are just perfect~ ♥ There are some bodies that I like, such as Iplehouse’s nYID girl body because it has some lovely thighs and hips and big boobs – but jfc those shoulders are NARROW. I’m not sure if I can ever buy that body because I just don’t like the narrow shoulders (nevermind the idiotic joints). x__x Why are they so narrow… that body would make such a sexy hourglass shape if they were wider.

Maybe I’m just too picky, haha. xD But I have my own personal aesthetic and of course I want dolls that are pleasing to my eye… somebody else may feel differently and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone should buy the kind of dolls that they like. It really sucks the fun out of the hobby if you get too occupied with other people’s opinions. So, if you disagree with some things that I’ve said here, please don’t take it to heart. These are just my opinions and personal preferences. :3

I took a quick comparison with Ume – only it was pretty damn difficult to get this noodle of a woman to stand and the string kept pulling her torso back and her limbs twitched and after I’d fought with her I was too lazy to pose Ume properly either grrr – I’ll need to take a better comparison photo including the Super Gem female body once I’ve restrung Yun and she’s otherwise ready too. But she’s so tall! ♥ And the DD body looks super skinny next to her, haha. xD

Because the weather seems like it’s gonna be raining/snowing all week, I won’t have a chance to paint her face up before I leave town… I’m going to spend easter at my parents’ and then I’m heading off to Helsinki the next weekend to visit my brother in his new apartment. ♥ So I won’t be back homr in Jyväskylä until the 13th of April and then I’ll have a couple of busy days… but hopefully later that week the weather will be good for painting and I can introduce Yun then. Her wig should have arrived by then, as well. I totally need to take a photo of the two Yuns together, too. x3 ♥

Happy mizya is happy! My beautiful model girl~ And now she’s properly smiley, too… while i love her Narae version, she doesn’t really smile as much as Yun should. But Linglan is one happy-looking girl, haha! xD But well, this grown up version represents her when she’s older and married to Cin, so it’s no wonder she’s all smile, lol. xD Soon they’ve been married for a year in the story, and Yun continues to be all giddy as if they’re still newlyweds. :’D She loves Cin a lot~ ♥


  • Fantasywoods

    I love the :Linglan sculpt, is so happy and perfect~ I think you chose a perfect doll to be adult Yun.
    I hope we get to see her finished soon!
    I smiled at your rant about body joints lol, I disagree on some points, but It really doesn’t matter. I love to read other people’s opinions as well. It’s really nice to see different points of views. And of course, you should only buy what you like and what you think it’s worth it.

    • mizya

      Yeah, she has a really lovely smile~ *___* The moment she was released, I was like: I NEED her! xD But it took me quite some time to be able to purchase her, Oasisdoll’s dolls are quite pricey… but they’re totally worth it, though! ;u;

      The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things, right? xD But I guess some of these recent trends I don’t also appreciate because things were different when I started in this hobby ten years ago… back then all dolls were single-jointed and had a torso joint at the waist. And normal skins were creamy coloured… it’s just that I’m used to those things, so the new trends of the chest joints and pink normal skins don’t appeal to me… I’m the type of person who’s never all that keen on change. xD Like when flickr completely revamped their layout all of a sudden, it was a huge shock and horrible to me, lol! I need time to get used to things… but some things I don’t necessarily like even after I’ve gotten used to them. :’3

  • Irene

    Wooow, I’m crazy about Oasisdoll! I still hope one day to somehow obtain a Jadeite T_T; The creator Sarina is super nice too!!
    She is so lovely and I can’t wait what you will do with her. Her body seems so lovely and perfect ~~

    • mizya

      Yay, a fellow Oasisdoll enthusiast! \o/ Oohh, Jadeite is so lovely, I hope that you’ll be able to get her someday! I’d love to see what kind of plans you have for her! >u< ♥ I really hope that when I get back from my trip and am done with the important stuff, I can get to painting Yun's face up right away. xD I'm so eager to see her ready! Although, yeah, I really need to make her some clothes too... I tried the knit sweater that I'd made for my DD on her and obviously it's way, waaay too small, lol! xD

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