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Towards the New Year

I’ve been at my parents’ place since the 18th as I came to spend Christmas here. We had a very small celebration amongst just the family like every year… I much prefer that than any big parties. Not a fan of the commercial side of Christmas, it’s more about spending time with the family for me.

Aaaanyway, been quite busy here visiting relatives and stuff, I’ve got some photos that I’ll be editing & posting here once I get back home to my own computer & Photoshop. Mom’s laptop kinda sucks and there’s only GIMP and that program is just so… no thank you. I prefer my trusted Photoshop. For me it’s much more simple to use, although a lot of sources claim that GIMP is easy to master, lol. Well, I’ve been using PS ever since I was an elementary school kid drawing Pokemons, so… it’s what I’m used to. ((´∀`;))

I took a photo for Christmas, I’ll replace it as soon as I get home and am able to properly edit it:

Happy Holidays!

There’s the neemo crew I have with me here, I also brought big Yun (Oasisdoll Linglan) and Suiren (DD Sheryl) in case I have the time for photos, but… first the weather was all gloomy and rainy and then I was too busy for photos so I’ve only had one proper photoshoot with Tsumugi so far. We’ll see if I can get some more photos taken tomorrow morning… I do have some older backlogged photoshoots to post, too, ahah… (-∀-`; )

I did work on finishing these two backlogged neemo arrival posts, so I’ve managed to do at least something, yay! I’ve still got a couple of figure arrivals left to publish…

Here are links to the backlogged neemo arrivals:
The Hunt comes to an end
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