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This blog is terribly backlogged atm, but I’ll be adding the older missing posts as soon as I have the time & energy. This heat wave that we’re having here in Finland doesn’t really help things, gahh. =__=;;; But yeah, don’t be surprised at the suddenly appearing past posts. xD;;


  • Valneanne

    If Finland has been anything like Norway recently I can’t blame you for not wanting to move an inch anywhere. It really drains the energy out of you :/

    • mizya

      Aah, I’m so behind in replying to comments. >__<;;; Been really busy lately... But yeah, for the whole of July and the beginning of August it was always around +30°C (or more!) and it was just awful. :C Now in turn the temperature has gotten chilly quite suddenly... but well, at least it's better than the horrible heat. :'D But now we have a lot of rain, then... *sigh* Can't win with the weather, I guess, haha. xD;;

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