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Since it’s a new year and all, I thought I’d renew the blog’s layout. :3 Let’s see how I’ll get along this pale white-gray theme, haha… I generally like darker themes because photos look better on a darker background, usually. But well, something different for a change. xD

This one’s mobile version is even suckier than the last one’s, sorry about that. x_o If I can find a way to fix it, I will try… but I can’t guarantee anything. I have a desktop with a relatively big screen so this layout is optimised to look the best for me, lol. My resolution is 1680x1050px, btw. I’ve checked the layout on both Chrome and Firefox, but I can’t say how it works on other browsers. Those two are the only ones that I use, so… :D;;


  • Heather


    I noticed I had a new follower, and thought I’d check them out, and wow, what a treasure! Your photography is beautiful, I love your bio pages, and I can’t wait to explore your website more!

    Thanks so much for following me, and I’m now following you via my Feedly RSS feed! That way I won’t miss a thing!

    (also, expect more posts from me later tonight when I get home from work, lol!)

    • mizya


      Haha, yes, I thought that I’d create a blogger account to make it easier to follow and comment on people’s blogs. :3 I stalk a lot but I’m a bit shy to comment… I’m trying to become more active at commenting, though! It’s one of my New Year resolutions for this year, haha~ Let’s hope I can keep it… >.>;;

      But thank you so much for your kind words! ^^ I’m very flattered to hear that you like my work~ ♥

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