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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

One definite pro about girl dolls is that you can buy lots of pretty shoes for them. ♥ Although, it’s also a con, because shoes are pricey. x__x I’ve managed to buy a decent collection of shoes for mini!Yun, but for the bigger one I need to buy SD16 shoes that are EXPENSIVE. I could get 2-3 pairs of shoes for mini!Yun with the cost of one SD16 pair, ahah. xD;;

But well, no can do. Grown up!Yun needs to have pretty shoes, too. >A> ♥ I ordered a starter kit of three pairs a few weeks ago (although I have one more pair incoming, but it’s part of an order where there are pre-order items so I’ll only get them late April or early May) and they arrived yesterday in the PO… at the same time as two pairs that I’d bought for mini!Yun, haha. xD I only had time to visit the PO today, though, but now as I opened the packages and admired the shoes, I figured I’d take some quick photos of them, too~ ♥

All the new shoes that I picked up today~
Those brown shoes were a must because of the cool soles~ *___* Sadly they’re a bit big even for Narae (her heel feet are longer and narrower than MNF/Withdoll girls’), but I don’t caaareeee, they are lovely! ♥ And I also grabbed those red pumps ’cause she needs more red in her closet~

And the SD16 shoes. I wanted some basic black pumps, white pumps and something pink for starters. Yun loves pink, you see. xD Aaahhh, I can’t wait to try these on~ But she won’t be here until May I’m sure. :’D

Aaaaand theeeeen… I thought I’d photograph all the shoes that mini!Yun has so far. Well, not all of them are solely hers because she shares with Mi Cha and Saki, but… xD

If I have a problem, I refuse to admit it… …

Most of them are from eBay. And yeah, I have duplicates of some pairs ’cause there aren’t enough different styles. And well, some shoes I love so much that I want to have multiple pairs of them, ohohoh. >__<;;; I'd love to get a few more of these in different colours, but I'm trying to control myself. And yeah, as you can see, Yun loves pink... :'D In reality she probably has around 80 pairs of shoes. xD Although, she had to take some away because Cin didn't appreciate her lining their closet walls with shoe boxes, lol (especially not after the boxes "attacked" him).


  • Heather

    I say that if they’re not the same color, it’s not the same pair of shoes… XD

    I completely understand having the shoe problem, I do too… I should post pics of my shoe collections.
    My DD girls are spoiled… and so are the Neemos, lol!

    I really love those brown shoes you ordered, you’re right, the soles are completely awesome, and the print is lovely too… it’s got so much mix-n-match potential!

    • mizya

      Haha, very true! xD

      I was blessed (or cursed, depending on the point of view lol) for a long time because the only bigger lady that I had is Soom Vesuvia, and she didn’t come with ANY kind of heel feet… although, well, even if she’d had, the Soom SG women’s high heel feet would be way too short and small to fit SD16 shoes anyway. xD But now that I ordered my lovely girl from Oasisdoll, she has high heel feet that fit into SD16 shoes perfectly… watch out, bank account! >.>;;;; Sadly many of the lovely shoes that I’ve been drooling after for years are long sold out by now, though. ;__;

      I’d love to see photos of your shoe collections, if you have time to take some! ^^ All those lovely shoes together are so nice to look at, haha~ xD ♥

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