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Enter muscle power

My Souldoll Vito Berial arrived today~ I ordered him back in December with layaway and he was originally supposed ship mid March but then I messaged Souldoll asking if they could delay his shipping since I wouldn’t be at home around that time. They told me that his shipping would be delayed into late April-early May anyway, as they’d had problems with casting the Sandy Brown resin. But I knew to expect that, since they’ve said in the past that Sandy Brown is difficult to manufacture, and I also once asked Withdoll if they could make their Real skin in Urethane resin as well, and they said that they can’t because it’s really difficult to manufacture. So there’s something really difficult about light tans. But I really didn’t mind waiting because to me it’s more important to get a perfect doll than a rushed one. Souldoll thanked me several times for being so understanding, haha. xD But yeah, I would’ve wanted him to ship later anyway, so it all worked out fine. I’m grateful to Souldoll that they even manufacture this kind of difficult light tan in the first place, the wait is no problem if I can get the perfect shell for my character!

But yeap, he was shipped last week’s… Thursday I suppose. And then he arrived in Finland for May Day, so obviously they didn’t do anything about him. Well, I did wait a couple of days before paying the ransom money ’cause I got the new Withdoll girl on Monday and was plenty busy painting her already (gahh I need to find the time to make a blog post about her too), lol! Too much resin at once! Somehow the dolls always arrive at the same time…

The mailman came super early today, apparently I was the first customer of the day ’cause he had a whole bunch of packages and almost couldn’t find mine. xD He even had to climb inside the truck to dig it out from under the other packages in the furthest corner, ahah! Poor mailman. But he was really friendly and cheerful and didn’t mind. :’3

But perhaps now I’ll move onto the photos:

It’s refreshing to get a small box for a change! When I got my Kyron, he was shipped in a Zenith size box because of all the fantasy gear, ahah.
Souldoll packages their dolls very carefully, I like that about them. :3 They make sure there’s no empty space in the shipping box so that the doll box is secured properly.
Yay, a mini version of the Zenith box~ xD ♥ I only have the old style Soulkid box from before, it’s grayish green with flowers.
And the cute dotted pillows! The last time I got blue/white striped pillows in my Soulkid box. But I got these dotted pillows with the Zenith box~
Yup, Souldoll’s packaging is quite secure. :’D Some extra string and eye putty… I asked them to send the eyes separately because I didn’t want to dig them out of the head. The putty that they use is disgusting. x__x;;;
I requested these brown/grey eyes as Berial’s default eyes didn’t really suit a human character. They’re quite nice. :3 With Kyron I also requested blue eyes instead of the default ones. I like that Souldoll is so cooperative about changing the default eyes, so you don’t end up ones that you wouldn’t use. ^^
I got the double-jointed body, so of course the first thing I wanted to do was to try a manly sitting pose. I looove the joints on his arms and legs (and no strung together legs!!!), but again… the chest joint ruins it. :C This one is particularly ugly, too, he has a gaping hole in his back when you bend it even a little. If he had a waist joint and could slouch properly, mmmm…. *____* ♥
My favourite thing about Berial is his nose, so I admired that right away, lol!
Put the Souldoll eyes in him… eeehhh, deep eyewells. They need some bevelling. =A=;;; But look at that handsome face! Manly miniature man, yaaaay~ ♥ ♥ ♥
Ofc I had to get his wife and do a height comparison. xD I think it’s pretty close to what their height difference should be IRL (Saki is 156cm while Yosh is 190cm). ♥
The only actual quality issue that I found is this bubble on his left pinky. His joints grind resin dust (especially the chest joint), but that’s common for all dolls and especially noticeable for ones with dark skin tones. But I do think that I’m gonna bring up this bubble with Souldoll… I wouldn’t care otherwise, but the hand is a pretty visible spot. Stuff like this on joints/feet/headcap don’t bother me at all.

Hey sexy
Saki certainly was happy about her husband. :’D Then again, he’s pretty hot so I can’t blame her, lol~

Originally it was supposed to be a rainy day, so I didn’t think that I’d have a chance to paint him until next week… but the rain never came, so I decided to try doing a face up for Yoshiki, since it would be fairly simple anyway. At first it was waaay too light and then I darkened it… and now I wonder if it’s too dark. ^^; It’s kinda messy, too, so I’ll have to re-do it later in the summer. Also, despite bevelling his eyewells, the Souldoll eyes just went black in him, so I dug out these light brown Mako eyes… they’re pretty dark, too, but at least they don’t look completely black like the Souldoll ones. :D;;;

Mr. Kuroda

I struggled to get a good photo of him, because his wig is idiotic. I was under the impression that Vitos wear 7-8inch wigs so I bought that size… but Berial’s head is definitely closer to 6-7inch, so I need to get him a new one. Well, this one is too light brown after all, I thought that a lighter wig would make his skintone appear darker and a dark wig would in return make it look much paler, buuut… I do think I need a medium brown wig for him after all. This one looks like a bad dye job, haha! xD His chest joint also makes photographing him difficult… it looks pretty ugly from most angles, ugh. ;__;

And yeeeaaahhh, he needs some clothes and shoes. Nothing that I have fits him, lol. xD;; I don’t have any 60cm boys so I don’t have any shoes that I could try on him… my 70cm male dolls’ shoes are too big and 40cm boys’ shoes too small. His feet are actually bigger than grown up!Yun’s, lol~ His hands are quite small for a Souldoll male doll, imo, the Zenith guys have huuuge yaoi hands and Hisoka’s NL body has big hands too… so I was surprised that these are so small. They’re almost the same size as the Narae hands, ahah. xD;;

But yeah, more about this guy once I get him a proper wig and some clothes. Not that it would be a bad thing to keep him naked (look at those upper arms especially huhuhuhuhu), but perhaps I’ll make him some clothes so that whenever people visit me, they won’t be freaked out by naked dolls, lmao! :’D

Small character trivia as a conclusion
name: Kuroda Yoshiki
age: 30
occupation: bartender
marital status: married (to Saki)

And one more photo with Saki because I caaannnn~

Those arms are gonna kill me, hhnnngghhhh– ♥ He still needs his tattoos, I was too tired to try painting those today as well.


  • Tiinyan

    Ooh, onpas tämä herra komia! ♥o♥ Kyllä tuollaisella kropalla kannattaakin olla alasti >u<
    Voih, tuo pikkuinen kupla pikkurillissä! Tavallaan se on aika söpö, ainakin minun mielestäni ^^ Tekee herrasta jotekin vielä inhimillisemmän/aidomman oloisen – kaikillehan meille tulee joskus jotain näppyjä :'3

    • mizya

      On! *___* Olen jonkin aikaa katsellut näitä 50-senttisiä ukkoja ja odotellut hahmolle sopivia kasvoja, niin nyt tämä herra täytti kaikki odotukset! Kasvot on komeat ja sai vielä täydellisessä värissä, kun olen ajatellut että semmoinen päivettyneempi iho sopisi hyvin hahmolle. x3

      Joo, kyllä minun puolesta miekkonen voisi hengata näinkin, mutta ehkä kuitenkin edes housut pitäisi saada hälle jalkaan kun kaikki muut ihmiset ei välttämättä ymmärrä. :’D Äitini justiinsa kävi eilen kylässä ja meni nukkevitriinille, ei tosin tainnut tätä tapausta huomata kun DD pisti enemmän silmään. XD

      On se tavallaan söpö, mutta ehkäpä kuitenkin laitan Souldollille tästä viestiä että tarkistavat nuket tuollaisten kuplien varalta. Kun kaikki asiakkaat eivät välttämättä ole ymmärtäväisiä tämmöisistä jutuista (pari kertaa on todistettu sellaisiakin tapauksia, kun nuken jalkapohjassa on ollut joku kupla ja siitä on nostettu kauhea haloo – itse vaan mietin että kuinka useasti se jalkapohja edes on esillä, niin että piskuinen kupla olisi isokin ongelma? ei voi ymmärtää) niin pystynevät välttämään sellaisia sitten. Eiköhän tuon saa leikattua askarteluveitsellä pois ihan siististi. Vähän hassussa kohtaa tuo, kun sormenpäähän ei yleensä tule näppylöitä. :’D Tulee mieleen että se olisi joku rakkula, ahah… baarimikon työ tuskin on niin raskasta että tulisi käsiin rakkuloita, vaikka drinkkejä sekoittelisikin. XD

  • Irene

    Ohh, he is lovely! To be honest the chest joint doesn’t bother me xP He’s fab and those muscular arms ~~ x3 x3 lovely!

    That bubble looks funny, it looks like a blister that needs to be popped! XDD I hope Souldoll can fix it for you though.

    • mizya

      If it doesn’t bother you, then I did a good job at hiding its broken-ness here. :’D I had to take a bunch of photos to get a few decent ones, hah. x__x I really don’t like that joint at all… But otherwise he’s super lovely and handsome, so I’m happy that I got him. ;u; ♥

      Yeah, blister is what it looks like to me as well. XD I think I should be able to cut if off cleanly with an art knife, but I suppose I should warn them about it just in case… not all customers are necessarily chill about this kind of stuff, so they might save themselves a lot of trouble if they check the dolls more thoroughly before shipping them out.

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