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I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, I have a huge bunch of backlogged drafts to finish and publish… “””orz Perhaps I’ll feel more like blogging once my Christmas holiday comes along. ((´∀`;))

Anyway, I noticed something curious today and thought that I’d write an entry about it… because I have some mixed feelings about this.

It seems like in addition to BJD hobbyists, also BJD makers are becoming increasingly aware of Azone International’s dolls. Some months ago Blue Fairy released their Milky Fairy line, which are kind of like their own equivalent to 1/6 scale vinyl dolls, such as Azone. (・∀・) They use Obitsu bodies, actually. Of course, the faces have the charasteric Blue Fairy style, but they’re made of vinyl and have decal eyes.

And now, Little Monica has introduced a new line, Muse Harmony.

[Notice] Muse Harmony Sale & Winter Discount Event Start!
Photo ©Little Monica

[NEW] Muse Harmony, Basic “Muse Sarubia” & Special “Gloomy Muse Sarubia” Revealed!
Photo ©Little Monica

At a first glance I didn’t pay much attention to it, ’cause the doll looked like a regular BJD. However, today I visited their website properly, and was all “Heeeey… those dolls are wearing Azone’s Pureneemo clothes!” ヾ(*’O’*)イ so I did more research and turns out that they’re 1/6 scale dolls with a more mature look. Okay, not that unusual… but THEN, I realised – they’re not strung together, but the parts attach with magnets. Wait, what? Σ(゜ロ゜;) And basically the joint structure is like that of Azone’s Pureneemos, except instead of pegs these dolls have magnets.

Now, visually they’re completely different, LM has done their own sculpting so it’s not like they’re copying… but it kind of amuses me how they’re saying “We have created a whole new BJD with magnets with the idea to make a doll with more convenient parts-assembling and posing, maintaining BJD’s own beauty. We have finally been able to show you this ‘new’ BJD after a long research and development.” … well, I suppose it took a while for them to figure out how to replace the pegs with magnets, but it’s pretty clear where your inspiration has come from – especially since you put Azone clothes on them. (・∀・;) Also, Fairyland’s been pretty keen on using magnets for attaching doll parts, which is especially clear when you look at their new Fairy Line bodies.

Well, I doubt that I’ll be buying one of these dolls, because honestly I’ve come to prefer vinyl over resin… but as an idea they’re nice. Perfect for those who like 1/6 scale and resin BJDs, but would rather do without the trouble of stringing them. ( ̄▽ ̄) I’d imagine you’d have to be pretty careful with these dolls, though… I already cursed my MNF A-line with the magnetic hands, it was a pain to fit clothes on because the magnets always tore out the pins, grr! (ーー;) Imagine trying to fit a pinned cloth on these, when they have magnets pretty much everywhere… frustrating! Although, since they can wear Pureneemo clothes, I figure I could use a Pureneemo body as a model…

But well, personally I think I’ll stick to Pureneemos myself. They’re cheaper and come with cute outfits, don’t need eyes and wigs separately… and YEAH – just try to find a decent-looking wig for that doll. (.`・﹏・´.) I already lost my sanity trying to find a wig that wasn’t super poofy and baby-like for my Soom Asis when I had her… one of the reasons why I no longer have said doll.

It’s nice to see BJD companies trying out new things, though. I doubt this would work as well in 1/4 or 1/3 scale, though… (・∧‐)ゞ


  • Alasse Carnesir

    I saw these the other day and said that very thing to my husband, “They’re like a peg system but with magnets.” The first thing they reminded me of was the Azone Pureneemos as well. I like the innovation LM have done here because to be honest, I hate re-stringing dolls and try to avoid it unless my doll is just so floppy it can’t stand and then I’ll grit my teeth and re-string but it’s one of the things I don’t enjoy in this hobby. However, I also have Minifees with magnetic hands and I sometimes find the hands do fall off easily so with the Muse Harmony dolls, I’d definitely be concerned about that. With their size being so small too, I’d be really worried about losing parts if they did fall off.

    I did get excited about this doll despite my concerns although my husband says to wait and see what other people say first about it when they get the doll in hand. He wonders how strong or durable the magnets are too. I do like that despite the small scale, it still resembles the sculpts I love from LM.

    It is different and I’m always quite glad to see BJD companies trying new things. I do like that they could share Pureneemo clothing so you wouldn’t have to go hunting for clothing but I agree on the wig. What size would that be anyway and does anyone make wigs at that scale?

    I am curious about this line though and will be interested to see what people who do order them make of the dolls.

  • Chuiga

    Näyttää söpöiltä ja miellyttää esteettistä silmää mutta kun magneetit.. Jotenkin ei vaan halua uskoa, että tuollaiset magneetit ajan kanssa pitää nuken kasassa. Mitäs sitten kun nuo löystyvät? Kun koko nukke on magneeteilla kiinni niin käytännössä se sitten olisikin aika onnetonta kun magneetit alkaisivat pikkuhiljaa pettää. En haluaisi huomata jonkun metsäretken jälkeen että hei, minnehän tämän jalka tai käsi nyt sitten onkaan itsekseen tippunut!

  • Fyrd

    They wear Azone clothes?! I didn’t even realise that… I’ve been pining after those clothes but the actual Azone dolls haven’t really clicked with me. Now I really jave to think this over :)

  • Irene

    It’s an interesting idea! I didn’t even realize they were that size. Not really my size but I wonder if they’d look nice next to the Soom fairies as well x3

  • starobots

    Honestly, even if I was interested, that $340 price tag for something so small is just…no thank you. I can only imagine how many things are going to pop off when you’re trying to dress them. Minifee hands and feet are always popping off!

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