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The cublet arrives

Haha, it really pays off to complain. x’D Yesterday when I returned home from the uni, both my packages were finally in Finland. So, I hurried to pay the ransom (customs fees) for Feny and luckily the package went into sorting that night, too. >u< I woke up excitedly at 7am to stalk the mailman... went outside at about 7:30 and played AAI and walked around the yard waiting. Then, at 8:15 I spot the delivery car... which drove right past our building, haha. u__u Of course they never feel like even trying to deliver the packages when I REALLY want them -- our doors are locked, you see, so that's why I either go out or make sure the door is open while I wait indoors. So, that's why sometimes the mailman doesn't even come here because he thinks that the door is locked. Anyway, then I had to wait 'til 2pm to be able to pick him up. I didn't appreciate the extra wait much 'cause I've been so worried about whether I'm going to like him or not (as I don't generally like the noses on the new Teenie Gems and noses are really important to me -- hell the only reason why I can't part with my R.Onyx is that divine nose)... buuuut once I got the box home, opened it and unwrapped him, I saw what a cutie he is. ;u; ♥ Sooo much cuter in person than in photos~ I really love all his optional parts, too. With my Skoll I was always sad that they were so... chibi-fied, all plump and cutesy. Feny's paws are much more detailed and he even has proper claws, eheh~ I just love that! xD And the tail is cuuute. ;u; I split off the surprise head and the fox ears 'cause the surprise head's expression doesn't suit Baal's character... and the fennec fox ears would've been very wrong on a wolf. xD So I got him Pipos ears instead. I may mod them a bit to be more wolf-like, I'll have to see how to go about that. I have sooo much to do with him, with his face up, sanding the seams, restringing him (he's *so* loose), sueding him and blushing the optional parts... ! Too bad that the weather isn't on my side, it's gonna rain for the rest of the week... :( So I don't know when I'll get him a 100% ready. I'll probably sew him some clothes while it rains, then. He does need a shirt, at least... luckily I already got cute bloomers for him from Soom so he's not completely naked. xD But yay, here are some BO photos~

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