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Surprise arrival

Today arrived something that I’ve somehow managed to keep a secret since February or so… xD I don’t usually care much for animal dolls… I mean, they’re fun to look at, but I wouldn’t know what to do with them. But ever since I first saw Doll Chateau’s Russel, I felt an urge to get one. ;__; However, at the time it was only available as an event gift and other DC’s dolls don’t fit my collection, so I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get one…

Some time passed and I was browsing jeeryama’s eBay shop, when I noticed that they’d stocked a few of these for pre-order. I got excited, of course, and ordered one. I probably waited over half a year for her, but gosh… she’s sooo funny and cute that it was totally worth it! x’D Originally I was meant to get her in, like, the end of July, but there was some delays… oh well, she’s finally here now. :3

But of course she arrives on the first rainy day in weeks. -__-;;; Sigh… I do need to get her smaller eyes, too, 10mm is a bit big… couldn’t find any info on the eye size while waiting for her, so I bought eyes at random. >.<;;; Here are her box opening photos... well, sans the box 'cause I don't have it, left it elsewhere. :'3

But yeah, her name is Io. She’s a silly little creature from the moon… and she loves round things. xD She always rolls everything round that she manages to find back home with her… her mistress, Apate, isn’t too happy about that, ’cause Io tends to stash them into Apate’s bone collection. :’D Her mistress should arrive in November, hopefully…

I did mod her already today, although at first I wasn’t sure if I’d have the energy… but them somehow I wound up doing it. xD I didn’t really find the human face that cute… I mean, otherwise the doll is so much like an animal, so the humanoid face felt off for me. :D;;; But I really liked the fox-like body and thought that I’d try modding the head more animal-like too… like a cute Pokemon or something, lol. xD Luckily the mod worked out just fine~ I really love her now! ♥

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