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Second entrance

Today’s arrival is an exciting one: Elf Hunter Emma from Withdoll! She’s the new shell for Apate. :3 I didn’t really plan to bring her back just yet, but Withdoll was really quick to execute my wish, ahah… xD;; I’d thought that I really liked Emma because in the few photos that I’d seen of her, she seemed to have really lovely features and she also had a bit of a smile – so with the right kind of face up I’d be able to make her smirk. It always bugged me about Angela how her mouth was open and had the kind of shape that gave her a very limited range of expressions… and Apate is supposed to be a crazy yandere, so it didn’t really fit her character – nor the fact that she’s the personification of deceit. I’ve always imagied her to be a mischievous girl, so she definitely needed a smirk… so that’s why I gave up on Angela and later on started eyeing Emma.

It was probably the end of last year that I asked Withdoll if they’d consider releasing an elf version of Emma… and then this spring I received a confirmation that they were indeed going to release elf versions of Emma and Ruby. Imagine my surprise, ahah. xD;; This company is way too awesome, I love them. ♥ Originally they said they’re planning an autumn release, because they were supposed to release their first 60cm girl in the summer… but due to certain circumstances the 60cm girl’s release got delayed, so they released these elven girls already in summer instead.

But yeah, I put Emma on order, of course. Although it was a bit of a surprise, I still managed to juggle a layaway… lately it seems I’ve gotten scarily good at it, ’cause I’ve also juggled a layaway for Moros’ new shell from Souldoll at the same time, ahem… Moros got me kinda distracted from the wait for Apate, so it went by quite quickly… and originally Withdoll quoted me 15th of November as a shipping estimate, so when I got a shipping notice on the 15th of OCTOBER, I was like… what. Had to check several times that it’s the right order number and everything, lol. x’D But I guess they meant to say October, since the dates match?

… Aaanyway. Luckily the postman brought her to my door this morning so I got to see her before I headed off~ :3 It was quite dark still, but I didn’t wanna delay opening the package as I was really curious about her. The photos are quite crappy, but… xD;; Not like my BO photos ever are all that nice. I suppose this is enough babbling for now, so I’ll add the photos here, lol. xD

I also got a White skin Ruby head that I added into the order later on. She’ll be Hisoka’s little sister, Aimi. :3

Aahh, she’s so beautiful, even blank! ;__; Those EARS! ♥
The bow set is for Yenna’s Delmia, but I opened and photographed it anyway because I’m such a nice friend, haha. :’D
Later when I got back home I took a few photos of her in natural light

I’m so damn happy with her. ;__; ♥ She’s beautiful and the ears are just what I wanted – I made sure to ask for long elf ears because I wanted ones that would show even when she’s wearing wigs. Angela’s ears were so tiny that they were covered pretty much 90% of the time. But Emma is perfect! ♥ I have an obsession with long elf ears because of the Legend of Zelda game series… they always make me think of hylians, lol. x’D /nerd

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