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Little sheepy thing

I still have some backlogged photoshoots to post, but… I just had to re-size these photos first. :’D

My and Yenna had made an order to DollZone in February and today we received it. You can see the box opening photos in Yenna’s blog: here.

So yeah, I got a Big Dipper and Heavy Rain. :D Originally I fell for Big Dipper because a cutesy flower deer?! Who wouldn’t want one~ But the more I looked at Heavy Rain, the more that funny furry thing started appealing to me… luckily Yenna also wanted Big Dipper and she’d been wanting one of those tiny fairies as well, sooo… we were able to qualify for a fullset Heavy Rain, yaaay~ Thank you Yenna, you’re the bestest friend ever!! ;u; ♥ He’s such a funny little critter, I am so amused by him, haha! I want to take him to all kinds of places and have him lie lazily on things, lol~ xD

I still don’t have names for either creature, I do have some options that I’m trying to decide on…

For my flower deer:
ANTHEIA: Greek name meaning “flower.” In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of flowers, gardens, love, marshes, and swamps. She was worshiped on Crete.
EFTHALIA: Modern spelling of Greek Euthalia, meaning “blooming, flourishing.”
GIA: Variant spelling of Greek Gaia, meaning “earth.”
KYMA: Greek name meaning “sprout” or “wave.” Also spelled Kuma.
LALAGE: Classical Greek name derived from the word lalagein, meaning “to babble.”
MELITE: From the Greek name for the country of Malta, from the Greek word meli, meaning “honey.”
PHILLIDA: Variant spelling of Greek Phyllida, meaning “foliage.” In use by the English.
PHOTINE: Greek name derived from the word phos, meaning “light.”

Mostly flower/plant related ones… although Lalage is just because it sounds so cute. xD

And for sheepy-thing I found a couple of names but none of them really felt right… I’d be tempted to give him an ironic name and Baal would be perfect for that. I love the name, although I’ve used it for Cepheus’ & Xanthe’s son… but I doubt I’ll get him as a doll again so I could give the name Baal to this funny little creature and re-name the wolf cub. But I haven’t decided yet what to do.

Anyway, because I’m so amused by this thing, I had to take him out for some photos right away. Here are the ones I took on Yenna’s backyard:

Yenna’s Ea is like, what is that thing…
He can hang on things from his horns! :’D Lmao~

I’m starting to build a collection of funny little critters, ahah… I need to get my DC Russel, Io, painted and reassembled too. I doubt I’ll unassemble Big Dipper at all because it’s even more of a pain to put back together, it would seem. @__@;; I ordered some eyes for the newcomers but it will probably take a couple of weeks ’til they arrive. Oh well, the default eyes are decent enough for now.

Yay for critters!! XD ♥


  • Irene

    Ahhh, he’s soooo cute :D I like the name Baal, it sounds a little demonic ~

    By the way, I love all the names you have listed related to flowers, they’re so unique!

    • mizya

      He is! *u* And so funny~ Yeah, the name Baal makes me think of some evil demon overlord (its meaning is “lord, master or possessor”), so it would be an amusing name for this little demon sheep. xD

      Haha, I like using Greek names for my fantasy dolls and creatures, so these are all Greek as well. There are many beautiful names to choose from! It’s hard to decide… xD

    • mizya

      I do too, I’m so happy I was able to get him! XD ♥ I have this urge to have him hang on different things, lol…

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