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Early Christmas present part II

When I ordered Moros’ new shell I thought that I’d end up getting him only for my birthday ’cause I paid with layway, but… unlike most companies, Souldoll apparently doesn’t wait until the layaway is fully complete before they start filling out the orders. Which is rather nice of them. When you’re prepared for a long wait, it’s definitely only positive if your doll ships earlier, haha. xD ♥

But yeah… I wrote about my worries earlier this week and unfortunately… what I feared ended up being true: he’s very lilac and not gray at all. x__x I hate this kind of bright lilac colour, and it looks especially awful as a doll’s skintone. x_o;; Sorry to those who love the colour, but… it’s really not what I expected. At all. I’m a little disappointed with the doll because of the skintone. :S But he’s really pretty, so I doubt I can bear to part with him even if his skintone is awful. I just have to Photoshop the hell out of his photos. xD;; And leave him under the window so that he’ll hopefully turn more gray when exposed to the sunlight, lol. Definitely not coating him with MSC UV-cut. :’D

A resin comparison that I posted to flickr:

Resin comparison
Click on the image to view it in bigger size

Luckily the postman carried the package to the door this morning… I was so nervous thinking what if they don’t try bringing it at all (’cause sometimes they’re lazy assholes) ’cause my knee’s been hurting again lately and the package was HUGE and weighed almost 5kg. My knee wouldn’t have been able to handle carrying it back from the PO, I’m sure. :S But luckily the same friendly postman who brought Kotori yesterday came again today. I only had to drag the package up to my apartment, although thankfully we have an elevator. xD

But yeah, I got lots of stuff with him so I have a lot of photos to post:

Yesterday’s arrival was a little smaller compared to today’s. :’D
I have tons of bubblewrap again now thanks to these new arrivals, lol~
I love Souldoll’s pretty boxes~ They sent him in an SD-sized box because…
… under the pillow and bubblewrap…
… was tons of stuff. :’D I had to climb on a stool so that I managed to get everything in the same frame, lol.
Everything was really carefully packaged! Took me a while to unwrap all of those, lol. xD
Kyron and all the other stuff unwrapped. :3 I had to get rid of my carpet ’cause he camouflaged into it. >_>;;
Lmao lilac boots… don’t look badass at all. :’D I’ve been spoiled by Withdoll, I was expecting black resin but ofc they’re not black… lots of painting to do. -__- The heel comes off (photo) and the s-hook is attached there… so you can use the same lenght elastic as you would for the human legs. That’s a plus ’cause I’d be too lazy to change the elastic every time, lol.
Boots, skull mask and scythe. Damn that thing is HUGE. x_o Also it wants to fall apart, there should be a magnet on where the handle joins together as well. :S There’s a big magnet on that skull side of the staff part.
The wings are even bigger. xD Couldn’t get them fully in one photo even while standing on the stool, lmao. I ADORE the wings, though, they’re the best part! So glad I bought them~ ;^; ♥
His eyes and ears are pretty unsymmetrical… his left eye is smaller than the right one and it’s also a bit lower… and his right ear is higher than his left. Frustrating, because I can’t make him wear the WD Juwel head gear because of the unsymmetrical ears. :S
A close up of his face… stupid angle, but his head is an idiot. He has shitty string so he either looks up or presses his chin against his neck. -__-;; I hate Souldoll’s default stringing…
The wig was a huge disappointment. :/ Apparently they had the same wig for Devonia and Kyron, but it was styled differently for Kyron’s photos so it looked much better than it actually is. Mehh. The fiber is really annoying, too, flyaways everywhere. :S Definitely not worth $30, the quality is the same as on some Chinese $10 wigs that I’ve bought from eBay…
Tried on some of Juwel!Moros’ old stuff… the uniform is a bit small and tight for him but I don’t care… I don’t want to give it up. xD God I love those wings! ♥ So huge and pretty and blue~ And fully poseable!! *___* ♥ ♥ ♥

And here’s a teaser photo that I put a little more effort into… Photoshop definitely helps with the lilac. xD;; Thankfully he’s blue themed so excessive Photoshopping suits him:

I’m a bit nervous about painting him because his previous incarnation’s face up was done by my talented friend, jesmo. And it was ridiculously pretty. ♥ My face ups are so crappy in comparison, lol… but well, especially after I had to snatch the Usagi-san Miu, I don’t really have any extra money to commission a face up for him. So I’ll try to paint him myself… if ever we have some lovely days with no rain. It’s way too humid, I don’t even dare to try painting him with this weather. :S

He’s also gonna need some mods… because the NL body has those stupid joints, they don’t have normal ankles either. Sooo I’m gonna have to butcher his human legs in order to use the Withdoll leg armours on him. ’cause they’re lovely and I’m not giving them up. ♥ He wouldn’t be able to wear his uniform due to the long pants with the Souldoll boots, so… that’s one reason why I need the Withdoll leg armour. I have no clue what to do about the headgear, though… the horns look rather stupid without it and I really loved the double horned look anyway… but those damned unsymmetrical ears. :S I’ll have to see if I figure out some alternative way to get the headgear to stay on…

And the wings have that super heavy resin part at the back and then some lameass belt-harness thing to keep them on the doll… well, the resin part and the wings are waaaay too heavy for the harness. :/ So the wings droop. A lot. So I probably have to buy some huge ass magnets and drill them onto the resin part of the wings and then put magnets inside his torso or something. ’cause as it is, the harness is pretty useless… I don’t understand why they didn’t use magnets more for the option parts. Like, for the skull mask I couldn’t figure out any other way to wear it than to secure it on his ears, I guess that’s the point, too… but somehow it’s a real pain to put on ’cause it gets tangled on his ears and it’ll probably scratch his face up too mrgh… I much prefer Withdoll’s use of magnets.

And the wings are really lovely, although I didn’t even twist them around much and there was already wire poking out. :/ I managed to get it back inside so that it doesn’t show, but occasionally it peeks out when I pose the wings. So that sucks a bit too… otherwise I really love the wings ’cause you can pose them however you want, they’re so flexible. *___* ♥ And those blue feathers are gorgeous! I wouldn’t have bought the wings otherwise, but because they had blue feathers, I had to… xD Blue is Moros’ colour, after all~ ♥

Oh right, I also requested these eyes because Kyron’s default eyes were red/purple, but Moros should have pale blue eyes. Thankfully they remembered my request and I got them. :3 They’re really lovely, half of them is darker blue and half light blue, but I can position them so that only the pale blue shows~ They’re very close to the Soom Rosette eyes that he had as Juwel. I’m very pleased about that! ♥

But despite everything I still like him as a whole, so I doubt I’ll sell him nor any of his stuff…… except for the gift outfit that I got. It doesn’t suit Hisoka and definitely not Moros. ^^;;; I wished they’d sent some of those casual cargo pants instead, I could use some pants for Hisoka. *sigh* Oh well…


  • Valneanne

    Ooooh! He’s beautiful indeed! I see what you mean about him being too lilac compared to your Soom gal though. Which is too bad! I do think the colour is lovely, but obviously if that’s not what you expect or want, you’ll have a different opinion :) And like I said on another post, I do find his asymmetrical features rather charming! I really do! There’s something quite endearing about them, which is the last thing I need right now! :P My resistance is wobbling on very shaky legs! Doesn’t help that I already know that the male N.L. body would be perfect for the character I have in mind (I need him to be taller than another guy who’d at least have a Model Delf body, if not head). Ooooh boy. This will be fun!

    Anyhow, while it’s too bad about the resin and the wig, his sculpt his gorgeous and he does look pretty darned nice when he’s all put together in his outfit! (Even if his asymmetrical-ness doesn’t work with the Withdoll stuff at the moment) And I love the last image of him :) Hopefully once that resin gets a chance to catch some sun it’ll mellow out into something less bright :)

    • mizya

      Aahh, so you’re one of the people who like asymmetry in dolls. xD Sorry, I failed in trying to make you not want the sculpt! Souldoll’s dolls are often criticised for being asymmetrical, and while I know that humans aren’t symmetrical either… well, I just have this thought that if I buy a doll, I want it to be perfect. :’D Also, now with Kyron I’m not very happy about the ears, since I can’t make him wear the Juwel headgear because of it, so it’s a practicality issue too, grrr….

      But yeah, a lot of people tell me that the colour is really beautiful, and I kinda feel bad for hating it, but… it’s really not what I expected to get. ^^; Souldoll replied to me and said that they named it Violet Grey because they mixed in violet and gray paint… well, in my opinion they didn’t put enough gray in it to call it “Violet Grey”. Because it really is just violet. x__x I don’t mind this kind of colour as the colour of my carpet, as you can see… but I didn’t really want a doll that matches my carpet.

      Oh well, he’s been hanging out under the window now while I wait for the sun so that I can paint him in proper light… I’ll also try putting some gray blushing on his face and hands and hope that will help a bit. Luckily he’s the type of character who wears a lot of clothes and is covered from head to toe 95% of the time, so I don’t have to blush his entire body gray, lol!

      But well, he is so pretty that I can’t sell him. I just love everything about his face. ♥ And at least in photos I can make him look gray… although, I kinda want to cry because he looks so darned perfect in gray and then I look at him IRL and he’s like… BRIGHT LILAC, lmao. x’D And Apate looks so dark next to him, and makes him seem even MORE lilac. ;___; I usually prefer my girls to have a lighter skintone than my boys. *sobs* Well, nothing to be done about it… Withdoll boys aren’t tall enough to my tastes. ;__; They make such insane high heels for their girls that they pretty much end up being taller than the boys, ahah…

  • Fantasywoods

    He’s gorgeous!!! I love the skin color but I kinda see why you don’t.
    Too bad you encountered so many problems with the doll, I hope you get to solve them all soon, He’s really worth the trouble.

    • mizya

      Thank you! :3 Yeah, I’m happy for everyone who like the colour, but… I just wish he was gray, because it would be better for the character. ;__; I feel iffy about photographing him together with Apate due the skin tone… because Apate is a proper gray doll and he just SHINES in lilac when they’re next to each other. He goes better together with my carpet than Apate! :’D Aaahhh… well, at least in photos I can cheat and edit his skintone. -.-;;;

      It’s interesting how I get a total “newbie” feel from the optional parts, even though Souldoll has been in the business for a long time and they have made weapons and stuff before, too. I guess they don’t have the same kind of drive to constantly improve the practicality of the optional parts, like Withdoll does. The parts do look awesome, but I just wish I didn’t have to be afraid of them falling apart and breaking. @__@;; I haven’t dared to handle the scythe at all because it’s so wobbly… I need to figure out how I can fix it…

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