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Collaboration story

Yenna visited here today to make a small collaboration story mixing our BJDs and neemos. We had a bit of a tight schedule and I was real smart so I didn’t realise to take any photos myself (I was a very busy backstage person), but I stole one as preview from Yenna, ohoho~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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Story part

Please direct all the comments to Yenna’s blog, thank you~ m(_ _)m She did most of the work with the photography, editing etc.

PS: Akemi is called “Ami” in the story because that’s the alias she uses when working at the café. Just as Yumei is “Yui” when she’s working. I might’ve mentioned this somewhere already, but in case I haven’t… well, here’s the explanation. xD It’s to protect their personal identity.

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